SIEVE US, O Spring!


one wednesday, after all the animals and people creatures trekked through the snow,

snow tracks
they left only their tracks as portals.

snow melted into the earth, new peep-holes for flowers.

In this auspicious week after the latest lunar eclipse, we’ve spotted a trend we call: SIEVE US!  An celestial eclipse is a bit of a sieve, a portal, a winnow, a window. It’s a filtering out of the old and no longer serving aspects of ourselves, saving only the best.

Legends and astrologers say an eclipse eclipses something out, irrevocably, to make way for the new. It punctures and makes a punctuation POINT.

Tracks that Winter wore into our souls are the furrow where seeds push out. Our “Flower Pimp” above, speaks to us in pixel language, a digital, macro-micro cosmic mash-up for us to dissect and hole-punch our former views of life and Self-Identity.  It’s nothing the Pointillists, mosaic artists, or field workers in Bolivia don’t already know. Aligned points on a trail and nature-rythym patterning is just our intrinsic humanity SIEVE’ing us, trusting us and re-forming us.

This molecular osmosis, this is the ‘sexy, new, fun’ trend of SIEVE US! We see it in ourselves in the vast quiet of meditation to the loud demanding world upheavals around us. (And of course, expressing this zietgeist through shopping and DIY-activities is part of the action, more below.)

Make Tracks. Change Plot. Poke Thru.

The wintry tracks of a cat walk, from a bobcat to a house cat, puncture snow and run a straight line, walking in their own steps. When discovered, the mysterious sinuous imprints are deliberate power, instantly transforming the moment, like a runway model on a Rick Owens autumn/winter 2015 catwalk with a strategic peep-hole. When you can shock Paris and the world, as Owens did this season, with one tiny hole in some fabric, what’s gone before is eclipsed.

Rick Owens peep hole
You are such a Filtration Membrain.

Tracks and holes are permuting realities and concepts from star light traveling from millions of years ‘past’ puncturing the night sky, to science decoding heredity, to designs’ laser cutting-everything, and to Earthship homes in Haiti. The fabric of our lives is now rife with our own responsibility to each other to make conscious choices. No one can hide behind rote, impenetrable fortresses of status quo or ego.

Just $3500., fully sustainable and built in two weeks for the above beauty. I toured the first-ever Earthships in their Taos, New Mexico birthplace back in the 1990’s and now thrill to see them being built in Haiti. Integrated systems for rainwater, natural drainage which purifies, home as a little bio-system! We are understanding and implementing cost-effective, nature-patterned systems by punching through walls of our industrial culture. From green roof forests in urban centers…

…to saving heirloom seeds and preserving the bio-diversity of seed libraries, it’s dawning on us that the planet’s destiny is our destiny and can no longer be so throw-away. Everyone, everywhere can be found hugging trees more than Julia Butterfly ever did. We breathe with our membrane trees, they filter, they winnow, the exchange is a language typing the keyboard controls of our experience. (That line there, is for the breathers, the meditators, especially.)

Skin as Sieve.

I always loved that snakes choose the forked bases of birch trees to slither through and shed their skins. This winter I bought this birch tree photograph, below from artist, Carol Morgan-Eagle. It reminds me of three women on a runway in sheath dresses, powerfully striding forward, like Druidic Women/Trees/Bad-a…es.  Futuristic clothing as I can only imagine and lust for. Sustainably harvested materials for fabrics, a weather-intelligent second sieved-skin, seams and openings to allow movement, a kind of camoflage to silently move through forests and city streets.

Carol Morgan Eagle
Maybe this is a kind of SIEVE US attitude the world needs now, a little Old Egypt temple girl, a little power bondage action, and a little Barbarella huntress, like this nymph below in Lost Art’s reverent weaving and netting.


Dirt Perme-ability.

Even the osmosis and porosity of our skin is having a scientific re-look moment. “The skin microbiome is the wild frontier,” relayed one doctor in a recent New York Times article, My No-soap, No-shampoo, Bacteria-Rich Hygiene Experiments. I’ve always been fascinated by our definitions of “dirt.” Why do animals roll in or children eat “dirt” or the earth? Science now sees this as a roll in nutrients or a bacteria wash!

Another doc, Dr. Steven Cole, a professor of medicine and psychiatry at the University of California, has spent a decade studying the connection between our emotional and biological selves, seeking what a ‘happy cell looks like.’ “The old thinking was that our bodies were stable biological entities, fundamentally separate from the external world,” he says. “But the new thinking is that there is much more permeability and fluidity.”

Happy Gut, Happy Sieve-yours.

Intuitively we sense and know in our guts what makes us happy. Now a new science, called, mind-body genomics, confirms that our happiness is intrinsically linked with the biology of this rock we cling to. Fascinating that mind-oriented psychologists for years have called this ‘bodymind,’ while those more body/spirit oriented have intoned us to connect our ‘mind/body/spirit.’  Like a crafty, blackhole Buddha belly, what’s being termed ‘our second brain,’ our guts are not only the second seat of our intuition, but also our health. Releasing this year, the HarperCollins book, Happy Gut, from integrative physician, Dr.Pedre, makes the bridge between gut health and brain biology. Aha! We are what we eat.

Perhaps its time to leap and pounce on that “gut-felt idea” like a cat…

…activating our shared earth-brain networks…

…to link and form a winnowing, sieving basket called…um, LOVE…

…so we sieve out the old, and are saviors to ourselves. Ah, after all, we are all just points of starlight beaming. wink, wink.

and. then. there. is. shopping.

DIY, Sieved by Shopping.

And, here, because I promised the goods… a dashing circus wrestler painting gets the slash/sieve treatment before a window, making snow stars shine through in a home goods store. (Nifty DIY, too!)

Get the look for less and SIEVE others.
One Wednesday, I found a bevy of bright woven sweet-smelling, sweetgrass baskets from Africa, called 92 Villages, benefiting over 10,000 women and their families. And I bought a bunch! So simple, so useful, so hopeful!

SIEVE the planet and yourself. DIY 101.  Seed saving. Yogurt eating for your gut.

Peep SIEVE inspiration: So many videos on Earthships in Haiti, and the aerial cross-hatch, winnowing photo images of Las Vegas.

DIY 102: How can all this poking through and sieving make for crafty DIY’s, something a little more au courant than slashing up some sweatshirts and flash-dancing?

Try some Feng Shui today. Here’s some coaching. If being SIEVE’d vs. STUCK is your desire in an area of your life, and you are tired of the same old, same old, get a little shamanic and have at it. Grab something old, solid, tired and open up, slash up, carve open tiny airholes for some new fresh. Or for some fast Feng Shui, take something woven like a basket and place it in an area of the home. Sprinkle with lots of intent and wishing. If Feng Shui confuses, call me. I know the best Feng Shui person, ME. Call me. I will SIEVE you.

It’s Wednesday. Watch some flowers arise.


PS. Why Wednesday? Middle of the week, Wednesday relates to the planet Mercury, Hermes, which in turn is communication, exchange, healing. Open up kids, Mercury brings “messages from the Gods.”



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