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Brand Love can be a Tortured Affair.  Or a Love Fest.
We get the Love Fest scenario and are here to serve it up for you!


Jade Dressler is a creative agency specializing in brand vision, marketing and creative services. Based in New York City, with partner agencies in Los Angeles, Paris, and Milan, the agency is a collaboration of talent servicing clients and properties in pop-culture + luxury lifestyle including the arts, design, events, fashion, film, hospitality, media, style, and wellness realms.

We work 1-on-1 with clients to maximize brand identity, + culture + adventures.  Creative direction + services from our custom teams take any dream up 9 +++ notches. 

Our Services in brief here below, plus
3 Very Good Deal packages further below!

We serve like this: ART Consulting, Curation, Exhibits, Installations, Pop-ups BRANDING, MARKETING, AND CONTENT Vision, Branding and Marketing Consultation and Strategy, Brand Influencers for Word of Mouth, Events, Exhibits and Experiences, Introductions, Red Carpet Support, Trend Reports and Presentations CONCIERGE Introductions DESIGN Apparel, Branding, Identity, Environments, Product CONTENT AND DEVELOPMENT Brand Voice and Visuals, Film, Photography, Print, and Online Journalism, Social Media, Television, Video.



the “be very socially attractive!” package.
invest wisely in our $1200. social media perk-up package.

Dustballs and spider webs on that Instagram or Twitter account?

Hello! You want to connect but are way too busy and important to torpedo influencer selfies into the world every day.  We hear you.

Can you imagine the benefits, the support of a planned, creative social media campaign that engages and builds your brand and adds to your own brilliant postings?

If so, consider our $1200. per month, three month-trial special for new clients only.
Includes these goodies:

  • Brand message consult
  • Review of your brand’s most effective strategies, sound bites, engaging content
  • A focused editorial calendar for 3 months that you approve
  • Daily Twitter, Facebook, and Instagrams
  • Leads, responses, engagements, and significant networking opportunities generated
  • You provide your own brand visual assets or we can for additional fees

Result: We’ve run smart social media campaigns for
brilliant personalities, organizations, and brands. (click here to see some of them) 

It’s your turn! Let’s do this!

9-Stages-of-Nerd-Love -7

the “get smart, get creative + soar” package.
(like these smart folks here below!)


You are a start-up consumed with details of your business and the word “marketing” leads to fits of delirium.

We can help!  Our one-time intro offer gives you a 3-month solid, creative jump-start to all the assets and their management that you’ll need to market your business successfully.  We’ll steer you, support you, and make you shine like the Superstars above we’ve styled!  Package includes these goodies:

  • Unlimited creative strategy and content coaching consults
  • Styling for photography. Press images, head shots, and product shots (photographer fees additional)
  • Brand message, language, sound bites across platforms
  • Basic media coaching included, (video training additional)

$2500. per month
(3 month intro package, valued at $15,000.  for $7500.)

Result: Bring us your not-soaring-yet start up,
and we will hoist your sails, and inspire a creative wind behind you!
( and join this crew of satisfied, successful clients! )


the “relax + be seen + heard” PR pump package at $1500. per month


This mini-PR package is valued at $3000. per month and is offered for new clients only for 3-month-get-your-feet-wet-trial.

We’re pumped to announce our PR Pump Package idea.  Your brand and message before the right audience.  Includes:

  • One press release, up to 3 edits
  • Html mailer with 3 images
  • Sent to a custom tailored list for you of 300-1000 editors, bloggers, influencers
  • Opens, responses for review
  • Follow ups with top 10
  • Results report

Result: We listen. We hear you. We magnify you.


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