#2   crazy, sexy quilts of prophetesses, everywhere!


Wintry mix in #‎NYC‬ this week…we are finding our own mix + warmth as usual in fluff from flashy awards + fashion shows, and snarky media, to nature and the esoteric.

We’ve spotted 9 trends, c’mon follow our series for instant transformation of the deep chill,

*from group sleepovers at the home of a dominatrix to astonishing tinder surveys to  star-shaped snowflakes to…*

#2   crazy, sexy quilts of prophetesses, everywhere!

In days of yore, Winter-crazy, sexy girls transformed the long nights by “crazy quilt” making, gossip, wise women cures, and creative pre-Pinterest-like maneuvers with cloth and comradeship. Today the ladies of transformation gather followers on Twitter, New Moon soirees, and fill auditoriums everywhere, this time, talking good old, spiritual truths sown together from precious scraps of ancient wisdom (plus general overall Kindness to self and others.) Cometh the quilt-mistresses advising on how to patch and re-work lives from grey clouds to shiny stars. I call this: ”Home-Spun Girls Representing” or QUILT, for short.

The Universe is smiling from above at this new QUILT of seekers and sowers.


One frigid eve, my integrative physician doctor client, Dr. Vincent Pedre, and I joined two of my favorite “Home Girls” for a new quilting bee of 900 true believers, 99% women and over 1000 more streaming live around the world. A gathering for centuries-old wisdom re-worked in new comforting, albeit, “rockstar” lingo. We settled into our seats at the Tisch Center for the Arts at 92 St. Y, which is well-known for its gatherings of thought leaders for long, long time now. No doubt this trend for comforter gatherings serving up wisdom, food, and truth appeal to our fireside chat primals percolating after too much time staring at the big blue computer screen gods. Was it quilt-ish and cultish? Yes. Warm and cozy. Why Yes.


On stage, the silvery, beautiful Kris Carr and my old friend and PR partner, in all her new brilliance, Gabby Bernsteinwere like prophetess phoenixes shining in glittery, quilt patterned dresses bestowing chill-out wisdom. They shared their triumphs over cancer and addiction from a new, shining mountaintop, complete with Grandmother stories and a quilt of admitted, egoic-guilt-trips thrown into the scrap heap to be re-sown with new mantras of self-love. Onward crazy, sexy soldier-esses!


Quilting re-orders functioning. Scraps turn into sacred geometry, patches mend holes, souls, and are a re-think of our impact on the material world, the hand-made craze…

OK, it’s a 1970′s redux! Groovy, quilt oracles and mantras on repeat coming soon to your body and home. 

Above, the case-in-points-flowers-dots-patterns of one my favorite brands, House of Holland, above for Spring 2015. Maybe it’s what’s next after urban knit bombing or maybe a reaction to terrorist bombings…I think it’s more in line with this cultural shift proffered by a Prophetess, a ‘global gatekeeper,’ also known as a fashion director for Vogue India,

“Our era is about the cross-pollination of ideas and I love it when I can be part of projects that require different ideas, cultures and sensibilities,” said Bandana Tewari in Business of Fashion recently.

Watch how this quilted patchwork is emerging from hearts, the streets, into fashion and home trends, and watch how designer, Henry Holland, evolves a pop pattern aesthetic mixing into “patchwork” for the next two seasons…as just one thread…

Like an ‘Ain’t no stopping’ us Now” mantra, these war-painted macaw birds, above, for Resort are ready to pilgrimage Warmth and Snaky Transformation into Fall 2015, below evolving into one of the best Mix of Madras, Secretary Skirt, and 90′s grunge-cleaned-up I’ve ever witnessed! Praise!


And then, recently both a top interior designer and a luxury product developer independently whispered to me the word “quilts” in terms of inspiration…and suddenly Grandma Moses Chic is proclaimed from on high! Patchwork was all over the streets during fashion weeks…


…and the design shows, from New York’s The Collective last year to Paris’ Maison & Objet this January…

patchwork couch

We saw sleek modern pastiches that remind me of my 1960′s Barbie-doll furniture to this prophetic, enough-with-Mid-Century-Modernism!, Colonialism meets Ikea piece, below, which opened The Collective Show last season. Set in a cozy mis-en-scene, next to a little cozy coffee-klatch space in a vast former post-office warehouse space, a re-mix message was delivered to the masses. Coming soon to West Elm.


Also, at the Collective, homey-fabrics and sewing stitches on ceramics and furniture is the signature of Hella Jongerius, her fabric “water jugs” below are from design gurus, Murray Moss and Franklin Edward Getchell of Moss Bureau, preacher-eases of this aesthetic, long, long time now.


At Maison & Objet in Paris this January, Missoni Home‘s new color plays, are not your 90′s pattern mix…or is it?


I still love, love bright African prints, a very wise, ageless, long-tail trend given all the fashion and interiors product development going on there. For me, these new frontiers harken back to my work with Aid To Artisans in the 1980′s, now in full swing, on a much grander scale. Peep this patched pattern armchair by Philippe Bestenheider seen in dezeenBecause, what’s original contains the seeds of wisdom, re-working, repeating, and re-tracing is so QUILT!

moroso philippe bestenheider

computer pattern quilt

And yes, Virginia, quilts are going crazy as never before, evolving into modern art like this computer “threads” design, above to this ‘i” quilt from Quiltconbelow.

“At times I feel alone, but I am not. I am supported by many friends and family,” says Kathy York, who won Best of Show for her “i Quilt,” “These are the little ‘i’ blocks that make up the big central ‘i.’ The other ‘i’ blocks in the field are for all the people I have never met that support my life.”

What a mystical, material girl!


Yo, Are you getting cozy with it?

TREND SPOTTING:  The gals redefining wellness as per Refinery 29 to the goods, Parson Gray’s hipster quilting fabrics.

GET ENLIGHTENED:  Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow and Finding Your True Purpose by Gabrielle Bernstein, published by Hay House, which is fronted by a Queen Bee, the prophetic 88-year old wise woman, Louise Hay, whose 1976 little blue book Heal Your Body, is a bible I’ve been thumping for years!

Yo, “Home-Spun Girls Representing” are you QUILT’in yet? XOXO LOVE.

(and yep, group sleepovers at the home of a dominatrix was a teaser,
you’ll just have to read the next 7 in the series!)


 by Jade Dressler, images happily credited.


Wintry mix in #‎NYC‬ this week…we are finding our own mix + warmth as usual in fluff from flashy awards + fashion shows, and snarky media, to nature and the esoteric.

We’ve spotted 9 trends, c’mon follow our series for instant transformation of the deep chill,

*from group sleepovers at the home of a dominatrix to astonishing tinder surveys to star-shaped snowflakes to…*

#3  self-made everywhere!

Sleep no more! Wait no more!
It’s not everyday you get an evening invite to the home of a A Real Dominatrix to cuddle and watch a classic movie with 20 gal pals. One thing was clear, this “Domme” was a SELF-MADE woman!  Maybe it’s the backlash (no pun intended) from the incessant whippings everywhere (!) of 50 Shades of Grey.  Or maybe it’s the subtle surfing of emotional accomplishment that a woman-dominatrix represents, this appeals, simply and suddenly, that the gift of transformation, play, and magic appear in her midst.


“We all have so many sides of ourselves, so many rich personalities living deep within us that want to play, that never get a chance to have their existence validated.” says The Real Dominatrix. “We end up playing with the same ones over and over again, ad nauseum, and our cultural myth of a single ego/identity does nothing to help. The tyranny of consistency in communication and being will kill us all or bore us to death. It’s responsible for so much of the gray, restless dissatisfaction that is rampant.”

Are you surprised that The Real Dominatrix is also an artist and this photo below is by her?

Kasia Urbaniak
The idea of SELF-MADE today is much more than a person who has created wealth or a persona “without inheritance” or from nothing. There are more of these types than ever before, I see this idea as literally the option for all of us to recognize that to play, to be the changeling, is the whole truth.

Every altar is for sacrifice in the name of LOVE, whether in the name of spirituality, sex play or beyond.  The gold of SELF-MADE is enlightenment itself, the un-bounding of fixed roles. Becoming the altar for someone else in the name of LOVE is the highest play. We explore this making in roles, genders and disguises and venerate those venturing goes beyond the limits of a 50% Mommy, 50% Daddy composition, those leaping into the 100% universal energetic playground!

“I am what I am because of who we all are” is a rallying cry and definition for humanity, and also defines that relationships and the roles we play are integral to individuality.

Now, mind you, I live in NYC, full of the most fascinating, passionate SELF-MADE individuals in the world. However, Houston, we have a problem. Too many of us sophisticates are clueless on who we are and what we want in relationships. For example, take this experiment on Thrillist recently:



That’s the boys, girls…worse:


They joke, they say Paris, they say Chuckie Cheese, and lastly, sadly, the Thrillist Tinder dating experiment here, revealed that a majority of average, submissive woman, when asked where they want to go on a date, have no clue how to tell a man where their desire is.


Have these gals not heard of The Law of Attraction? Where are their Spirit Animals???


#AskHerMore is not a hashtag regarding your dominatrix or dullard potential date, it was a campaign on the red carpets at this season’s award shows spearheaded by Reese WitherspoonShonda Rhimes, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girlsdecrying the typical reporter questions to women emphasizing who dressed/made them vs. more thoughtful questions on their art. While I applaud this focus, basic media training insists one take the ‘bull by the horns’ in one’s response to any reporter question! Stop whining lady stars! A Real Dominatrix would seamlessly and creatively mention one’s outfit, the symbolism, and make a statement about oneself in one breath.

Artist/Changeling/Madonna does this every time. Her toreador outfit choice placed her again as the Top Domme of Play. Even her Rebel Heart lyrics taunted the bulls and nay-sayers of her signature metamorphosis with: “I’ve shed my skin, Letting it go and I’ll start again, start again, Never look back.” 

(and, I say we can really celebrate when men can be as free as the women to play this way on the red carpet!)


The Madonna gets points for always being on the make…the SELF-MAKE. Peep her soul bearing comments on ‘regrets’ which are actually way more SELF-revealing and inspiring than her outfits:

“Everyone has regrets. I have regrets for the smaller things, which ultimately are the bigger things in life. For instance, I regret not being more grateful certain times in my life. I regret not being more compassionate. I regret not saying I’m sorry. I don’t have any career regrets. I have human-being regrets.”



‘Taking the bull between the horns,’ dominating and by turns giving in to another was an ancient ritual sport, today the ritual is played out in bedrooms to balance the beasts of boardrooms, schoolrooms, and everywhere we make our selves.

My favorite new take on meeting oneself in another, leaping in faith with one’s raging bullish desires, is the boy meets girl dance in Eugenio Recuenco‘s video,Toro, playing out underneath a big symbol of a bull. Dancing with aggression and passion tames the beast…something like LOVE.  The setting, the lonely highway, the lonely mountain top, the play back and forth of emotion, posturing the SELF, drawn to, and pilgrimaging towards the MADE.

Take a run with us and the bulls here, a condensed version of the video’s visual treats.

The Bull

He is The Bull, stands his ground on his mountain, albeit, his projected self, propped up.

girl, smoking

She sees him on the mountain, from below, taking her time to ponder moving towards him.

girl smoking

She begins towards him, fluffy, pink.

girl, bathing suit

She bares more, as the pace picks up, a Venus in a Rudi Gernreich-ish bathing suit.

moment of doubt

He then is the Doubter, he demurs, like a child on a swing, hiding, he sacrifices his masculinity. Or does he?


She is the Pioneer. She advances, cocooned in black, with one red stripe of passion, a Venus in fur.

girl seeking

She is the seeker, red passion on her foundation, soft pink at her heart.

man combs hair

The male god grooms, he waits in rebel stance, albeit in surrendering white.

man smoking

Back in black, he postures, he watches her.

yellow girl

She re-evaluates. She is the sun, the tart lemon, the winged bird.

Come together

They meet. She is silvery, fluid, a mirror. What happens next? Aha! The Real Dominatrix would never tell the ending! See for YOURSELF the Toro video from Eugenio Recuenco here.



LOVE or HATE on Kanye the Controversial, in a stance most vulnerable, a recent interview by Dirk Standon in Style.com reveals how he took a whipping and kept on ticking.

On Kanye the Versatile as a fashion designer, previously submissive to the fashion press, now getting all SELF-MADE with it:

“I realized that it had all been a scam, that it had all been smoke and mirrors to present this concept that a straight black guy out of Chicago that’s a rapper, that’s married to a reality star, could somehow not design a coat, that can’t design a T-shirt, that can’t have enough of an opinion. You know, it’s like voting. Fashion is merely an opinion.”

Perhaps Kanye intrigues for all his ego, his fumbling, his vulnerability. There is the key. It’s not hidden by drugs, handlers, or a refined, bogus pretension. Nope, he’s all there, raw, un-censored, SELF-MADE, figuring it out, and the hell with what everyone else thinks.


TREND SPOTTING: ”You’re the Director!” challenges goddess-like Vanda to her sub-boy- director in Venus in Furs from Roman Polanski. It’s my favorite line, see here my previous post on the same movie The Real Dominatrix screened the night of our sleepover. (so worth seeing twice!)  Then here’s just one of millions now, a SELF-MADE blogger, Instagram-conquering gal, Aimee Song, constantly looking fabulous and my biggest props, she’s a DIY’er, hand-making her clothes!, here she is in her $ELF-MADE shirt above and below. Did she make this shirt? If you are too busy to care or making your millions, you can get her look for less with a Rick Ross T here. I imagine she made it, while domme-dancing somewhere, rapping with Ross, ”Born to win, Look around, From the projects to the penthouse, Our vision never changed, we SELF-MADE.”

HOW TO’s: If you are still feeling clueless, the name of the Dominitrix is Kasia Urbaniak.  No link, she’s not good at marketing, she says. If you want it, you have to go and get it. Ladies, she’s offering classes, men…you’re on your own. (update…the anti-marketer, The Real Dominatrix has deigned, and gives her digits thusly…kasia@kasiaurbaniak.com)


(and yep, group sleepovers at the home of a dominatrix was the teaser,
I’ve out with it.
Will you still read the next 6 in the series? Say it. YES, Mistress, I will ;-)


Wintry mix in #‎NYC‬ this week…we are finding our own mix + warmth as usual in fluff from flashy awards + fashion shows, and snarky media, to nature and the esoteric.

We’ve spotted 9 trends, c’mon follow our series for instant transformation of the deep chill,

*from group sleepovers at the home of a dominatrix to astonishing tinder surveys to star-shaped snowflakes*

#1  star love is everywhere!

Star Snowflakes have been gifted! Thank God I am not crazy! I saw the wee ‪#‎Star‬ ‪#‎Snowflakes‬ above one morning and I was astonished. I’ve never seen these in my whole life. I took them for something akin to the plasticine soy patties faking life as hamburgers. I had paranoid thoughts as if this was a fake NASA seeded ‪#‎snow‬ storm, or help! maybe these were drones peopled by microscopic, galactic Air b-n-b’ers.

Of course there’s a reason! Of course, Gothamist trolled Twitter and probed galactic science for a tidy explanation of the perfect white stars. 

The London Police purple

Meanwhile, galaxy-risings in range of my laser beam from street muralists, The London Police (as above) to (as below) gold street walking jackets and sneakers added to snowy, starry, icicle fringy whites in Paris to…


Valentino’s runway where gamine Princess Leia’s appeared in constellation patterns, a beckoning of Katy Perry and Beyonce…


 …as both emerged as the next worship-worthy space bride gal at the Grammy Awards. STAR-LOVE is everywhere!


Do you believe in communication from the stars? Well, in the midst of writing this post (and creating this illustration below) I did. One night in the snowy countryside, cuddled in bed, the clearest star beamed into the window. Then, back in the city one early evening, the biggest, brightest star, (Venus?) radiated so clearly in the dusky sky as I have never seen it, same window, same curtain closing for almost fifteen years. Astonishing, like snow stars.


And my drawing above, was half-completed, when suddenly, after my STAR LOVE communiques, I found the perfect snowy, starry sky image to carry it. If this is a trend, I am more than happy to dance with the stars, for real!

TREND SPOTTINGS: Galactica reigns from everyone, everywhere now knowing to fear/love The Mercury Retrograde to the new ‘TV’ show from Susan Miller’s Astrologyzone to the first ever, upcoming NYC Drone Film Festival, from my friend, founder, Randy Scott Slavin. Randy is joined by my star-producer pal, Kim Jackson, STAR-LOVER from way-back, known to read light books like Treatise on Cosmic Fire, from theosophist-to-the-stars, Alice A. Bailey while sunning on the beach. (We were communicating with Tibetans that #TBT way before the Dalai Lama,Ye-ah Transformed!)

GET THE STARS: Get spacey with star-galloping babes and creatures in art from Corey Helford Gallery and get tons of ideas for spacey gowns and gear at The Numinous, home for mystical gals in the material world.

Or just go outside, look up and commune. XOXO LOVE.

(and yep, group sleepovers at the home of a dominatrix was a teaser,
you’ll just have to read the next 8 in the series!)



Snow Star Art by Jade Dressler, all other images happily credited.


LOVE wings Jade Dresslerhelmut_newton_rich_girl_poor_girl_bordighera_1982_d5662487h-1

Our spaceship Earth endured the most horrific acts this past year. Happily, however,

hands down,

in 2014, the most used “word” on the planet was the heart emoji.

It was globally emoted over a billion times. If we truly desire the story of Love on Earth to change…we have to emit more than emojis…an all out effort of #Love #making must #commence! (Note that “Hashtag” was the most second most used “word” followed by “vape.” Clearly we desire to happily connect!)

Helmut newton lovers

“I’ll have what she/he’s having.”

Creatures coveting comforts are crashing the gender-defined realms of aphrodisiacs from clothing to vape flavors. In light of that, we are happily proffering 9 gender-mixed gifts and life-defining experiences for this Valentines Day.

Note to sensitive readers: In honor of bedside, general lady and gentlemanly manners, this post is brutally honest, certifiably Feng Shui compliant, (curtesy of my vigorous training in the Tibetan Tantric Black Hat Sect ) and God and Goddess inducing. Even more revealing, I share the top erotic, sacred, conscious love-makin’ books that have graced my night stands. Because there are 100,000 preceding books of erotic literature infinitely more interesting than that ubiquitous, ho-hum “grey” volume.

Anticipating February’s Valentine’s Day began this year like the best adventures of desire…with an alluring, enticing and surprise message from a friend on their way to Paris. Andrew Joseph, flying to Maison d’Objet, invited me to choose 5 special objets from The High Boy, the online marketplace for antiques & fine art, celebrating its first anniversary. That, plus 4-Ultra, One-of-a-Kind Experiences I have been waiting to share here with readers, c’mon! Celebrations. Paris. Antiques. Art. Sex. Love. How could I resist? Just in time too, as I was already…

1   rubbing mutual unctions over form

Aromam bespoke perfume

Everything begins with scent! I once heard a legend that said scent formed the stars. How heady is that? I’ve been wearing men’s cologne since I was 14, but what if you could make your own signature scent that no one else on the planet had? “Girl, I already have my own!,” I can hear you say…

Non! Je suis speaking of that which will enhance one’s own manufactured terroir. aroma M is an indie-perfume company founded by Master Perfumer Maria McElroy, who in turn is inspired by the Geisha-tradition. If being ceremonially fussed-over like some sacred and arcane cup-o-tea in a moderne Dumbo atelier like a Queen or King – fragrance sketching, blending, fitting and application – sounds like a hella, once-in-a-lifetime Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love…or yourself…then click here to read more.


Remember Memoirs of a Geisha?  The book padded over and served up the childhood and lady memories of the translucent-grey eyed Sayuri, a notorious geisha of the 1930′s and 40′s. We felt her pain and pleasures, by the end of the book she concludes,

“our world is no more permanent than a wave rising on the ocean.”

O, noh, not that ole koan again! Always the temporality and infinity of LOVE! The choice to ride the waves of intentional acts of pleasure, by scent, individuality, and shared ritual is the best kind of transcendental meditation. Go, summon Maria and get yourself scented!

2  paired just desserts (aka paired unction holders)


Now that you both have your bespoke unctions, these paired Bohemian art-glass in lotus green creta glass, with a mottled iridescent Papillon decor from the 1950′s by Loetz of Austria, found at The High Boy, can sit on your nightstands, a symbol of a little bit of shared/each/other.

Fun with lotuses fills the time-honored Kama Sutra, (Love Threads) undeniably the Mama and Papa of love-making tomes. As for the pose below?

Do try this at home.


3  la lubricating las vegas champagne cooler

Las Vegas champagne

Looks like this Champion Tri-Play did not stay in Vegas. I’m a big fan of medals and awards, never in the bedroom, however, this champagne chiller’s 1970′s Vegas provenance adds the right note of Triumph and Silliness, both excellent bedroom manners.

You can find this Love Shack Cooler here on The High Boy. 

Las Vegas’ tangle of limbs, ringing machines and climaxing wins comes close to my discovery of the fruits of the erotic stories in Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus. Until then I had only tasted Love American Style via the conquesting, manly likes of Playboys and Hustlers, how expansive and freeing it has been to seek perfection in LOVE with Nin’s awareness!

“There is a perfection in everything that cannot be owned.”

Delta of Venus

4  more than a one night stand

Better than a one night stand are two night stands. These matching nightstands are so “x” and “y” chromosome balanced, very Feng Shui. I can almost hear the musical, elegant sound of anticipation in the soft, familiar click of the gold campaign-style handle returning to its well-crafted slot, after a passionate hand opens the drawer to procure a selection from the stash of play time toys.

Circa 1950, these stalwart portals in a storm of LOVE from The High Boy can be purchased (temporarily owned in the context of all time) …here.

A little Chinoiserie, the stands call to mind The Orchid Boat, the love poetry of women of China from the 16th century Ch’ing Dynasty.  Raise the red lantern and rock a night of Love with whispered, seductive verse from “courtesans, palace women, and Tao priestesses.”

The Orchid Boat

5  bed, bath and beyond


For sure, nothing is rotten in the state Denmark!

When I saw this classic Swedish Biedermeier style birch bed from 1880 on The High Boy, I gasped…

…for there is an open mouth, gasp-inducing scene in the most famous livre of French erotica, The Story of O, which I envisioned took place on a day bed just like this one. At the end of a bed, this elegant chaise begs for…

The Story of O


6    O! magic bus/rug/oval/fleur/flier!


I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it …

When I was a young gal, I had a frequent flier dream set to this refrain in the song Magic Bus by The Who. I would fly up on a Persian carpet up high, and away from a crowd of grasping hands below. Was I desiring escape? To where? And who was desiring me below? Above?

Mysteries and flights of desire can clearly be shared on this Polish/Persian rug from the 1920′s found here at The High Boy. I love the rich red center, very passionate, very femme, very floral.


In my teens, me mom tried to hide her copy of Fear of Flying from me, but to no avail. “C’mon! I read Kama Sutra last year, Mom. I can handle it!”

Still-modern, brain-prickly lines from this Erica Jong book will lay one down, as wise-cracking as Rumi poetry. For a taste of Persian/Universal wisdom, laughter and blatant honesty is so perfect for teasing up magic carpet rides of LOVE.

“Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. That’s why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.”

7  the art of love pillar


















This one is for the boys!

This tower of power, a 19th century Danish cabinet from The High Boy could function as a Cabinet of Curiosities, a place to stash secret toys, silver erotic ornaments, and those erotic books, as Feng Shui advises that books should never be out in the open! Their spines are like daggers! 

I was (mostly) a good girl growing up. However, the daggers of books like Delta of Venus led me directly to banned books like Tropic of Cancer from “bad boy” Henry Miller and I did not stop from there.

Henry Miller Tropic of Cancer original

 Oh Henry! How I loved your extended paragraph dives into flesh, divinity, drunkeness, desire, ecstasy, Paris, epiphanies, … and …, and … and
always St. Vitus’ dance!

 “Everybody says sex is obscene. The only true obscenity is war.”

8  magnified pursuits.

magnifying glass


No complaints about reading the fine print with these horny, X-ray spec magnifiers.

It’s time to retire your favorite Tumblr porn Vine videos, and go forth into classic works of erotic literature, with a great list here.  Not just because all kinds of studies are coming out that nightly before-bed, I-pad pleasures disrupt our circadian rhythms. There’s just not one fun thing you can do with a tired, complaining, insomniac lover.

Solution? Read books! Nothing sexier than reading together or taking a hand to interrupt a bedside partner’s nose-in-book for the finer pleasures of love and soulful togetherness. I’m kind of glad I grew up influenced and inspired by non-digital, earnest, and earthy explorations such as my own copy of the 1970′s era Joy of Sex, or pioneer performances like John and Yoko‘s Bed-in’s.

Joy of Sex

A Note to The Frustrated, The Quarreling, The Entreprenurial, The Over-Hyper, The Driven Couples seeking a gratifying, creative career, perhaps even you reading this blog now, with your very own bedsheets all in a twist. Take Olga Granda-Scott and her husband Douglas Scott, they were just like any of you, art and antiques lovers desiring to curate their homes and frustrated by the pact of a high-tech, high-functioning online marketplace.

They magnified their pursuits! The longevity, sustainability, value and vibrancy of the antiques industry, is now their hot pursuit, thankfully resulting in The High Boy, where your next inspired conquest of desire can occur.

9  Per Suits of Bruce

 bruce cameron clark for James

Coco Chanel‘s borrowing Boy Capel‘s blazers and jodhpurs for horse riding. The personal, detailed, sex-friendly clothing made especially for the act of love worn by O. The above perfect Palm Beach bound, Liberty of London print, bespoke shirt from man-style blog, What James is Wearing. James’ shirt is made by my friend, bespoke clothier to stars and Savile Row’s Tommy Nutter-trained, Bruce Cameron Clark in his New York atelier. (Yes, he makes for women too.) (Visit Bruce. Measure Up + Pleasure Up.)

Wearing clothes with their private messages and intents creates a bonding between lovers. Matching suits and special tailoring for love-making is a couples’ own language of packaging and unwrapping, a gift that keeps giving, way more personalized than a singing bouquet of red carnations, Russell Stover chocolates from 7-11 or the finest meal at the Olive Garden. (don’t you DARE!!!)


Packaged love. I once owned a collectible copy of Madonna‘s mildly/wildly controversial, erotic book Sex, from 1992, except it wasn’t hidden in a special book tower and it lured a klepto who spied it gleaming on my coffee table.

Although the book was temporal, Madonna winds up this post for daring to deliver pioneering exposes. My personal Madonna experiences- from sharing concerts with thousands of others to sharing directly with HER, in-person, eye-to-eye, soul-to-soul, for a moment I will never, ever forget, in sum, capture the mystery of LOVE.

LOVE is transitory/soul-forever-marking, it is questioning/faith-making, it is funny-inane/serious, it is daring/trusting.
It is tiny, tiny/GARGANTUAN.
This is the magic.


Warning! Ideas for strange or arcane Valentines Day rituals may be fostered from the above presented art, antiques, one-of-a-kind and life-defining experiences. I wish you happy flights, no matter what your boy/girl/gender-neutral/android self fancies!


Drawing by Jade Dressler, some other photos by same,
black + white lovers pics by Helmut Newton,
others cribbed.

Curious about Feng Shui? We do it. For special folks. Inquire Within and then Contact Us. 

Into the un-tamed. California…

Henry Miller Freedom is French?

“Freedom is French.”

Or so I always thought. Diving into a glass of champagne, a banned expatriate livre, or the heart of a French lover…you’ve been drunk on it all too, oui?

“The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.”
― Henry Miller

This holiday, I became divinely aware that perhaps freedom is wherever one is in that exact moment. Oui, Mr. Miller, Freedom is French, it is also Instagram, it is Watching Otters Play or even being mesmerized by repeating patterns of snow, mountain, rivers, fir trees, feathers and flow from 30,000 feet up, strapped into a tight big bird airplane seat soaring on my way to Carmel/Monterey/Big Sur California.

aerial mountain

Mount Shasta

fir trees

“We travel within closed loops, taking our worlds with us on devices. If the deep absorption of place requires the setting aside of the place one has come from, it has grown infinitely rarer. That in turn means the diminishment of discovery, which demands the vigilance of the senses. Without discovery the spirit withers.”

So writes New York Times’ Roger Cohen in his article, The Virtue of Redeeming Vice, (since then, picked up everywhere!) on his visit to the lo-to-no-tech, intelligentsia-hub, Hotel Savoy in Berlin late this December. While Cohen’s pleasure centers around the boundary-less, nostalgic lure for the era of indoor smoking and boozing he finds there, he calls out the “simpering obsequiousness” of what most see as luxury service, “the non-air-conditioned nightmare,” as my favorite writer and Big Sur denizen, Henry Miller would call it…and seduces in his find that “the relief from sameness is overwhelming” and that ”in those swirls of smoke lurks conversation, meandering without purpose, a dying art.”

Tasty like a good cigar and a ribald joke, the California northern coast’s wild places and its earnest 1970′s Organic/Peace/Love revues refreshed my own meandering, playful zeitgeist this holiday. Welcoming me into the home I stayed in this holiday 2014, was not curling cigar smoke, but the chit-chat of one very conversational blue scrub jay through the frank, open windows flitting among…

audubon california scrub jay

…a scrub of a dozen California quail, preened like dandy authors at the Savoy bar, meandering, conversating, with little black feathers like commas or quotation marks on their caps, whimpering and pecking out their life stories on the grass.


I always see pheasants or quails right before a move, and this invisible state flag festooned with “Freedom is California” was moving indeed. I followed the paths of sea lions rolling up shores, lizards, quail, comorants, orcas, and other artists of expansion like Henry Miller, Orson Welles, Don Draper, Hank Moody or even legendary actors such as Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, here below conversating in The Sandpiper, surprisingly one of the few movies ever shot in Big Sur. ( Plenty of car commercials on the hairpin curvy roads, yes, movies, no.)


Burton describes the first arrival of artists in the 1960′s as ‘the ones who knew that a spot of American earth remained that was still wild and untamed. This was all they asked of it, a place to be free and to grow. And this is all it gave – wind, rain, sun, silence, and a place to be free and to grow. And sometimes the shuddering of the earth as it quakes, the roar of the wind, the pounding of the surf against the rock, reminds you that you are a guest, a visitor, the Big Sur is eternal and you are not.’


And so, here are my writer peckings, having tasted supreme freedom and happiness trotting on these shores. Shared in the hopes you might take some delight in these artful etchings, apt Henry Miller quotes, and, as per usual, I count #1-9 steps through a system of happiness-cultivation detailed in my book, Tracing The Nine Stars.


Jade Dressler

I re-discovered my native roots by padding over rough, muddy, caverned, rocky-strewn, sandy, incline/decline slides and my foots were going all kinds of free-based, lubricated and jointed ways their Maker intended. First Steps for the Native NYC Daughter, Step 1 for Happiness.

#1 Tracing 9 Star Happy

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.”
-Henry Miller

Henry Miller's library, Big Sur.

Discovering the Henry Miller library in Big Sur, its walls covered in letters, posters, photos; pouring over pages in Henry Miller’s Big Sur and The Oranges of Hieronymous Bosch…this rooted me further in LOVE with my favorite author, ever. Reading. Walking. Rooted in simple happiness? I was there on the very ground he loved…on his birthday…! And unprompted, the clerk scribbled note of it in the leaves of my copy of the book for heaven’s sake!

henry miller

I realized that the art we love, books, paintings and music are some of our life’s best friends. When we meet them anew each time, it’s a relationship cultivated with deep history. Devouring my new book, I was laughing and crying all over again. Miller’s irreverent reverent take on life mirrors mine, he appears always at the right time and we share so many life moments. I know…so Her.

To wit, Miller was a fan of ping pong,which I am not necessarily, although I’d flik-flack a ping pong any day with him or her below:


However, Henry and I do share a love of esoteric literature and the crazy King Ludwig of Bavaria, for example. Miller’s birthplace was Yorkville, NYC, exactly just 4 blocks over in the neighborhood where I live today, AND he wallpapers his walls with all sorts of visual oddities, to name a few synchronicities. (Besides the heady, unplanned visit to his home turf on his birthday!)

A rare video filmed in his bathroom in 1975, shows Henry waking up, bath robing it and discussing the art papering the walls. I’d never seen him on film, so we went to a whole new level here.  A blog by his daughter with such tender memories, his art and famed quotes on Henry from the likes of John Lennon and Erica Jong? Wow, more #happy #rooted tears.



“Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation.
The other eight are unimportant.”
-Henry Miller

#2 Tracing 9Star Happy

Oranges represent paradise, for Henry Miller. No question about everything French equaling desire. My first trip intro to Henry was Anais Nin‘s diaries and the next, a pilgrimage to Paris with a dive into Henry Miller’s Black Spring.

This same LOVE-ly merged, better-together creative vibe is all over California! Par example, I was introduced to two friends of the friend I was visiting, a shining example, a couple who live, work, desire and play in that vibe, hip-hop musician, MC Yogi and painter, yoga teacher Amanda Giacomini.  Here, below, they danced on stage before 1000′s in Goa, India for VH1 Supersonic 2014 while I was in Cali…look at this aerial view video with Paul van Dyk…wow!

MD Yogi and Amanda Giacomini

Notable is MC Yogi’s path from a kid in trouble (drugs, guns, etc) to finding yoga and meditation. Peep his Kickstarter campaign, which raised 86K plus towards his new album.

MC Yogi Give Love

Catch the adorably, upbeat song and graphics for MC Yogi’s Give Love here.

Yep, I will be always raving about the Desire towards Good.

I LOVE to the 10,000th power Amanda’s 10,000 Buddha paintings.

Amanda Giacomini Buddha

And no mistake, true LOVE and Desire are beyond death! The clerk at the Henry Miller library told us of the years after Henry’s death, when still, ladies of 70 and 80 years old with a twinkling in their eye, would show up inquiring if their old lover, Henry was around!


Carmel Belle

Power meals were many this trip. Above is Carmel Belle, in Carmel, a restaurant so simple, so clean, so full of community characters…all this made for one of the most delicious breakfasts ever!

I admit, I had a taste of the Paleo diet this trip, eating red meat, chicken and eggs, all local, farm-raised, free-range and…deeply nourishing. There is a powerful balance with all creatures, an appreciation, compassion and right relationship for humanity to be passionate about restoring. I think we are moving towards that, for God’s sake an orangutan in an Australian zoo recently acquired “non-human person rights” as a sentient being. If we are going to eat an animal, in all sacredness and gratitude, that’s power with, not over. Connection and appreciation goes a long way on this planet. Touchy subject, deep mysteries.

#3 Tracing 9 Star Happy

Power as a third step relates to the core of our bodies. Our middle ground, our gut, our place to digest and process the energies of our life and food. Our central life-giving, solar plexus. Power with.

My sunny Carmel Belle breakfast of open face avocado, olive oil and sea salt on country bread plus two poached eggs was simple yet full of extraordinary taste for its origins of kindness!

Carmel Belle

Below, patronesses caressing their tresses while awaiting their fare while under the simple chicken pecking about wall decor.

Carmel Belle


native hand prints

Above, Prehistorics caressing rocks. The heart of this land is the Esselen Indians, traced back 6500 years ago, their name, Ex’selen translating to”the rock,” which is derived from the phrase Xue elo sonia eune, “I come from the rock.”  They were hunter gathers, the ultimate carry-in/carry-out ecologists, they left no trace, except hand prints on rocks, perhaps to tune into the information witnessed, recorded there.

#4 Tracing 9 Star Happy

Even the famed city, Exelen, which they spoke of, was never found. Methinks it actually is Esalen, the human-potential institute founded in Big Sur in 1962, 27 acres perched on the coast. This “city,” where over 20,000 seekers per year flock to get their “hands on the rock” of shamanic, timeless teachings, may have been the Native’s prized, future seen culture and city, because that’s how Natives are, whether named Ancestors or Original People, native to a piece of land or sea. They love you long time. They live a long time. They live Beyond Time.

Steve McQueen and wife, Esalen

The list of notables drawn to the freedom of Esalen’s think-tank and spring-fed hot sulfur baths is long, including smokin’ Steve McQueen and wifey above, and you realize the fruits of all this freedom already live within us today. They were Western pioneers of a different sort, prophetically seeding this wild place whose spirit and face was a pure refresher from the air-conditioned nightmare America’s culture was becoming.


Influenced by the Beat Generation’s pursuit of freedom, Esalen has sheltered musicians such as Joan Baez, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Jai Uttal and etc.

david crosby

Esalen has been a haven for visionary scribes like Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, Hunter S. Thompson and thinkers such as Erik Erikson, Ken Kesey, Alan Watts, John Lilly, Buckminster Fuller, Aldous Huxley, Linus Pauling, Fritz Perl, Robert Bly, Carl Rogers, Deepak Chopra, Ram Das, Amory Lovins, Van Jones, Marianne Williamson, Andrew Weil, Julia Butterfly Hill, Shiva Rea, and etc. All have passed through the pearly gates.


Esalen Baths

Like those ancestors, I disrobed and climbed into a hot tub perched over cliffs pounded by waves, whose curves were icy peppermint blue, clear as a bell before smashing like crystal party favors into white ribbons and bubbles.


Sleek black otters snake all over the water, floating on their backs like the bathers, holding paws and romping together, and eating from their heart-table (just go with the heart stuff…we are at Esalen) while whales spout slow and massive in the distance. A symphony spectacular all these rhythms consorting.


We too feasted later on abalone, practicing glamping at Basil, a certified green restaurant which is all about seasonal ingredients from farmers and fishermen. Under a heated tent in downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea we ate like floating otters perfectly warm and content while rain storm clouds misted over.

Abalone in Carmel

tree cave


Back on the highway we made the pilgrimage to Nepenthe, a historic look-out point, along with the multitudes of tourists. One treasure that captured my imagination was found there in the “gift shop,” however:



“Imagination is the voice of daring. If there is anything godlike about God, it is that. He dared to imagine everything”
― Henry Miller

#5 Tracing 9 Star Happy

Heading for the hills to forage is trendy for a reason, it’s the ultimate creative playtime! As a forager from way back when, naturally I succumbed to the wildcrafted wares of Juniper Ridge, the “world’s only wild fragrance company.” Their playful, simple packages note the gathering data as in “lot #2104-2.” The package also intones: “fragrance from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and other wild things found hiking in the backcountry. An aromatic snapshot of life on the trail. Go there.”


It also speaks thusly: “Winter is my favorite time in Big Sur. The ground is wet and vibrates with new life. Deetjen’s Inn is empty and the staff are relaxed–plenty of time to gossip with each other in the hallways. Found a giant cluster of Honey mushrooms on the trail earlier today–it’s sitting on the rickety bureau in my Redwood room like some massive pagan altar.”

Freedom in foraging comes from trusting intuition, to dare to search and find what one seeks, to identify, to creatively work with the plant world as partners in healing.

And last but by no means, least, is this hilarious foraging image from their Facebook page, along with this genius marketing speak imploring holiday purchases: “Get Your A… In Gear!”

juniper ridge



“Life has to be given a meaning because of the obvious fact
that it has no meaning.”
― Henry Miller

“How about rocks? I’ve just discovered how to make rocks…
not easy, you know.”
Henry Miller on his paintings

The wise zen rocks above are from the Andrew Molera State Park where we hiked one day. Forging a 50 ft, 3ft deep raging stream over rocks like above, in bare feet, to get to this beach had absolutely no need of my usual NYC street smarts, I had to summon up something deeper.

#6 Tracing 9 Star Happy

And here ye, is my intrepid stream-crossing guide, foodie mentor and love bug pal, Monique Baron, director of development at Esalen Institute. She went first through the stream. Looking for all the world like a Ralph Lauren ad, I had to snap her picture.

Monique Baron

Speaking of rocking beauty and wisdom, I was fascinated that jade is harvested in Big Sur, whereupon Monique gifted me with a piece she was given by a friend who found it in the mountains. Jade is known for amping up everything from money to good luck to dreams…so here ye, here ye! Here my new jade stone is home in her Himalayan saline bath to re-charge. We made it into a heart because the Instagrammers like that.

Jade Dressler heart

And then there is my new, glowing moon stone ring foraged from a bin in a Turkish bazaar in Carmel. I bought it for the opalescence, which I saw in the ocean waves, the shape reminded me of the prism squares we turn to for intelligence, the glowing blue of computers, saturated Instagram phone pics and TV screens. The tiny pyrite or hematite surrounding stones reminded me of all the sand and pebble crystals that make up foundations of mountains and computers.


Why we turn to stones for answers, grounding, and wisdom perhaps begins with the crystals in our computers and the lights in our eyes. Yes, I am star struck by mystery. In fact, I have determined on this trip that my tombstone should say:

“…and still, the mystery continues.”

Further, naturally stoned, below is me at the famed Pebble Beach Resort and golf course, where each night people gather around fire pits, listen to a bagpiper and cheer on the sunset.

Jade Dressler Pebble Beach


“It may indeed be the highest wisdom to elect to be a nobody in a relative paradise such as this rather than a celebrity in a world which has lost all sense of values.”
-Henry Miller

While the likes of famous philanthropic celebrities such as Angelina Jolie or Leonardo DiCaprio had yet to be invented when Miller wrote that quote, it’s true that basic humanness electing to immerse in the simplest, pure, Acts of Paradise are a bit of Fame we rather enjoy often. It’s the #7 step to Happiness.

#7 Tracing 9 Star Happy

Another Cali original, Happy Girl Kitchen Co., is one such place for that kind of simple, pure pillar of fame.

Happy Girl elixirs

Serving up artisan preserves, workshops and events based on their philosophy and practice, Happy Girl Kitchen Co. works closely with area farmers, to produce products and savory, heady meals from organic farm fresh produce. Owners Todd and Jordan Champagne have created a haven in Monterey for learning and I was swooning over bottles of bitters, preserves and their workshops like “There’s a Party in My Pantry” Degree- 5 workshops in Food Preservation!” Gifts of Self-Preservation really do arise when making preserves…cheaper than therapy!

For lunch at Happy Girl, I had this bowl of quinoa, squash, pine nuts, golden raisins and some orange marmalade. Now this is Champagne for the holidays!

Happy Girl quinoa


Carmel beach

“Destiny is what you are supposed to do in life.
Fate is what kicks you in the ass to make you do it.”
- Henry Miller

#8 Tracing 9 Star Happy

We made several pilgrimages to the beach making prints in the sand, wishes with the waves and washing our 98% water body clean, ready for the New Year.

perfect beach blanket

Also floating my boat was shopping via a Carmel shop of treasures from Istanbul. I discovered my moonstone ring and this peshtemal there, a Turkish cotton beach towel for a mere $20. ( go to Simple Life Istanbul for beauties like it and beyond.) My mood ring had me navigating visions of future beach destinies in Ibiza, Goa and Tahiti, all sarong-clad, seaweed in hair, leaping about…Destiny’s Child.

The ever-present white hot sun over the Pacific makes a clean slate, a path to expansiveness that, without words, lures and begs you to tie your destiny to something larger. A larger vision.

Carmel beach

Carmel by the Sea evening

As the sun set, the evening’s makeup and heels went on for drinks at the visionary 490 acres belonging to Hyatt-heir and Joie de Vivre owner, John Pritzker. The Carmel Valley Ranch is set softly in the valley of the lush St. Lucia mountain foothills where we made our most vigorous hike. CVR is a hotel and residential commune of sorts nestled in paradise and determined to create a new type of “summer camp” resort.

While a hotel’s infinity pool is often spectacular, it’s not often paired with infinity-inducing happiness like an open-air yoga pavilion, horse stables, hiking trails, beekeepers, a two-acre organic farm, four acres of vineyards and five acres of lavender fields, but here it is. 

Carmel Valley Ranch pool



#9 Tracing 9 Star Happy

 ”One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things. Which is to say there are no limits to vision.”
-Henry Miller

Passion flower

The happy, plump passion flower above is smiling at Earthbound Farms. Earthbound is the largest grower of organic produce in US, located in Carmel along the highway. With a big sign, playground facilities, lots parking, a shop, a garden and fields, a bookstore, a full-service salad bar, thank you, and healthy, bright folks manning the cashier stations, it sits low in the valley just as a Walgreens or Walmart would squat their big-box honey pots to lure in vehicles.

In The Omnivore’s DilemmaMichael Pollan referred to Earthbound Farm as “a company that arguably represents industrial organic farming at its best.”

While I’ve never been a fan of buying their plastic bags of organic greens, hats off to their productivity, bigness and moving organic equation forward. I must admit the lunch we had sitting by the passion flower bush with romping, un-determined gender Cali kids playing hide-and-seek, ranked as one of the most elegant and delicately nuanced salads I’ve ever eaten. It’s the farm fresh vibes and one can’t deny it.

Another California company gone “mass” that I love for this season is Loliware, and their edible cups. Invented when testing recipes for a Jell-o contest, no less!

New Year's Eve cocktails

I offer a New Year 2015 toast in Loliware‘s edible cups, entirely of vegan, biodegradable, right-relationship ingredients. You are to put whatever you like in them. Manifest in, manifest out is the mantra!


 ”We live in the mind, in ideas, in fragments.
We no longer drink in the wild outer music of the streets – we remember only.”
-Henry Miller

As one who travels through life hungering for and noticing much the “wild outer music” of streets and forests, I came up with my epitaph for my eulogy or tombstone on this trip…“…and then, still a mystery.”

Because honestly, finding endless mystery, curiosity and even, kindness in ALL, is ALL, especially in what we resist, this is key. We have not a shred of hope of solving any of life’s mysteries ourselves except to attempt that very difficult task moment to moment!

And we give NYC-by-way-of-Paris-by-way-of-Big-Sur, Henry Miller the last word, as he is one of the greats whose operating system was set to DELIGHT and HAPPINESS, even while grumbling.

His painting, Gremlins from 1970, just might say it ALL.

Happy New Year, Y’all! Step Happy, You are Star-Childs!

henry miller art

 written by Jade Dressler, images by Jade Dressler, Monique Baron,
others from Google and credits happily applied!



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