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Not just any toss pile

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YSL shoe

This Mama is tired of That Winter. This Kitten Wants to Dance.

Relentless. “Polar Vortex Death Storms.” says The Weather Channel“Ample, pointless sunshine.” say New York Times City Room Blog-gers, Andy Newman and Annie Correal, of days below 20 degrees. And the next day: “Here’s the advisory: Pull down your ear flaps.”

In search of new epiphanies, I try a remedy I rarely do: Sheer Shopping.

Y’all know I also rarely do simple one subject posts. The combo of hell freezing over and an unexpected trip to the most exhilarating shopping in NYC I have perhaps ever seen has tripped my synapses, and thus this Love Sonnet to Rei Kawakubo’s Dover Street Market, just opened this Winter. This curative cave of curious sits in the unlikely neighborhood “creeping west of the Ace Hotel” as described by Maria McElroy, one of it’s denizens, indie-perfumer and my hostess.

I bustled over from a lunch in the Flatiron, bundled up in my classic cold weather gear for 2014, gold leather pants, sherpa ski boots, layers of down and massive fur hat.  Classically, just as the brain said “where the h is this place?” I spotted another gold-leather-panted, model-legged girl bound up the stairs across the street.

Oh. There it is.

Louis Vuitton

Transported straight from Twitter and Paris runways, the above, translated into a shoppe, teased us while we sat in the Rose Bakery cafe inside the store drinking ginger and lemon tea in rough 1970′s avocado-colored pottery. A crinoline-shaped shop designed by “The Hedi Slimane” hung from it’s bones the accoutrements of the above matador/ insect. Feathered, glimmering SS14 pieces sat on blue-black fur or waving in the air like golden cocoons, lanterns or macaroons. (If my writing gets drug-addled here and there, its just the remedy working.)
Highly suggestive music. The kind you only hear at Paris Fashion Week or some kind of LSD trip. I was moaning over clothes realizing that I was in tune with a song that was simply nothing other than a moaning cow, techno style. Really.
Epiphany #1: Moaning has many Meanings. One is: the Medicine is Working.

Spotted. Photographers, touring wads of SCAD design students, studied worldly shoppers, escorted celebs, serious stylish sales people and Cleveland gay couples on a pilgrimage all float in the off-kilter, off-the-grid, precious offering spaces.  Six floors, more or less, are punctuated by a clear elevator tube looking like a luge or those clear pneumatic tubes they used to have at suburban drive-thru banks or hospitals for transport of bio-objects. Which of course, today has been transported by teleporting.

Epiphany #2: To see and be scene is way better than not to be.

eyes in dover st market

paper dress, shed+mound

O! This paper picnic dress, this fabric meteor, this Dorothy of Oz Saloon seemingly tornado dropped dressing room and the neat lady-like, little black dresses with pearl colors.

Epiphany #3: Our deepest, most creative spirit perpetually longs for that it which it has never seen.

Paper picnic dress

Alice, (aka Maria of Aroma_M ) in her Mary Tyler Moore, circa 70′s apricot sweater skirt set, touched the pink paper floral froth in wonderment. Many garments combined high-tech fabrics with tons of ruffles or 1910′ish demurity. Like a teleported Madame Blavatsky. It’s a character I want to be but never saw a designer make party dresses for. Designer is imagining me. That there is an Epiphany.

Epiphany #4:  My perpetual goal is to step out of time in the right dress for a Time-Traveler.

hidden stairwell

Everyone is so damn hot on “Ascension” that they miss the joys of careening down the back staircase, the innards and behind-the-scenes of Life. Maria and went to the top first, and used the rabbit-hole stairwell like a palate cleanser. Rei and Junya would be proud.

Epiphany #5:  Today’s Fortune: Aim high and seek the road less traveled.

Dover Street Market column

This kind of crazy quilt has been my brain and decor since age 5. I’m like a laboratory rat, only sedated by the organized mix of bright color stimuli. To see this as the structural columns in this anthill ran medicine through my very bones.

Epiphany #6: Heaven can often be soothed by Chaos.

white out ephemera

Can you see how these pillars  lead to a kind of good design vertigo? We are not hungry ghosts looking for designers to acquire like keeping up with the Joneses or banker bonuses, we are humans exploring, feeling shape and volume to toss up our conventions of body, booty and brain boundaries. To be. Or not to be.

Epiphany #7: The White Board is the design to break Boredom.

power of a random object

A useless (?) devoid of context or use (?), silver appendage (?) juts out from a wall with a repeated image. This snarky thing is captivating to our minds, so attuned to instant images and messages via our attachments to our “communication devices.”

“Not this, not that,” is the famous yogic RT pondered right this minute by millions of meditators.  Should we think anything different when pondering clothing and identities?

Epiphany #8: The Absurdity of Imagery and Architecture. Just Do It.

insect newsboy caps

Bugs? Gripes? How to impress one’s golfing buddies? Where the f is Spring?

Epiphany #9: It’s all in our heads.

sweat girl band

I am sweating this girl band.

How a navy sweat band with heavy gold Caligula plaque and I fell in love.

Epiphany #10: Veneration is worthy when a simple thing says so many things.

just wear a pair of Alaia shoes

H-E-L-L-O! And just $1500. buys these black suede Azzedine Alaia puppies and one never need own any other pair of black sandals.

Epiphany #11: Seduction and Salvation can be bought+worn together.

Cowrie shells

This cowrie shell neckwear appears suddenly in a creche of ancient garb set among the avant-garde shoppes like a window into a soul.

Epiphany #12: Hmmm, maybe my double Desire for Alaia and womb-y memories of cowries can indeed be satisfied.

the typography of dichotomy

A men’s jacket sleeve.

Epiphany #13: The topography of dichotomy can be played with.

checkmate blouse

Commes des Garcons? Oui, Luigi. Girls can play that dichotomy game too, boys. Are we check, Mate? Portofino on a Vespa with you headed to … a deserted beach on a dreary day. The wind sweeps the sand across the beach. He finds an old photograph of a seaside town cradled on a hillside. While exploring the quaint passageways of the town, the director encounters a beautiful woman and follows her to a seaside clothing shop where the woman works. In the shop, she gives him a look of recognition. They do not speak, but seem drawn to each other. As the director leaves, she gestures to him but he does not respond….Beyond the Clouds.

whoops. teleported…

Epiphany #14: The fabric of our lives is actually more of a soup. 

architectural artifact

The fake, random architectural artifact. Either reminds that you are participating in the grand pre-fab soup bowl of history determined by the Pratt student devotee of Comme des Garçons who lovingly does the display in this shoppe or…

all this visual tantalizing equals RT’s “hmm, I’ll buy that” by your sudden transformation into a fashion sheep following the flocks seduced by these frocks.

Epiphany #15: Buy, buy, black sheep, Have you any wool? Yes, sir, yes, sir, Three bags full; One for the master, And one for the dame, And one for the little boy who lives down the lane. 

Between obsessives layering in dressing rooms proclaiming “Yes, I will take this and this and that” and multiple bags full observed in the hands of the besotted…yes. This pre-fab intentioned art stimulus does equal sales.

un-perfect perfect

The un-perfect perfect. The closet every New Yorker wants. (except Jay-Z, Beyonce, The Man Repeller and Ivanka Trump)

Epiphany #15: Species evolution is marked by changes to the roof of the mouth which in turn relates to the roof of the brain. Olfactory response to edible offerings, choices and taste determine the evolution of morphic resonance. Or…a clean, exquisite offering on a pallet is as enticing as a taste or mantra isolated on my palette. Changed.

Jade Dress dream jacket

This here fabric froth frenzied me. I felt like a spring lamb devouring fireworks in a field with every clover crunch. Like a petticoat turned up in the LA Lakers locker room. Like a…

Epiphany #16: I am a sucker for incongruity.

Junya Watanabe

Nothing like a thick, ruddy turmeric cargo coat for men, slapped with a shiny ultra-violet blue 10′ hangtag. It’s not even pretentious, this Junya Watanabe just wants boys to have some fun.

Epiphany #17: I just want to take a boy-man client through Dover Street Market and style him to the ends of the Universe.

rhinestone cowbells

Like a rhinestone cowgirl. This is so basic to me.

Christian Astuevielle is the creative director of Comme des Garcons fragrance, and the gentleman creator of these warrior necklaces. As per Vogue ‘constructed from layers of industrial materials (metal chains), pop exclamation points (vividly colored plastic links), and glamorous detritus (broken-down costume jewels)’

 “Most of all,” he says, “it’s to make women happy and exceptional.”

Epiphany #18: Christian, gracias, I am so getting warmer.

YSL shoe

YSL dancing shoes.

Epiphany #19: Need we say more?

Not just any toss pile

…and perhaps the most telling of the finer points of The Dover Street Market is a random pile of clothing about to be purchased I saw laying on a sales wrap desk. This is not cheap and fast fashion. This is an Epiphany of Cloth.

Epiphany #20: The Dover Street Market is Slow, Delicious Luxury.

160 Lexington @30th Street, NYC

all photographs by Jade Dressler,
with exception of LV runway and big mural in DSMNY.

Jade Dressler Pink Hat

“People have laughed at me over the years, but the same people are now hanging pictures from sashes and bows, and using chintzes like there’s no tomorrow.”

Mario Buatta, Interior Designer, circa 1980′s

mario-buatta-flowers-book 2 Jade Dressler Pink hat gold rays

“All this digital is driving me crazy more into my sensual selfie!”

Jade Dressler, circa launching and laughing into 2014

I hear you Sir Futurist and The Very Floral Mario Buatta!

Like an overdone room dressed in fancy chintz, peppered with TMI of our digital life, we all carry the echoes of taunts and too many voices in our heads. For a long time I carried a taunt from grade school confirming that I “thought too much.”  While my “too many” thoughts were like psychedelic happy flowers soaring through my mind in treasured times sitting under a very old tree, Thoreau-ly enthralled, or happily creating in on-my-own-Emily bedroom, I faithfully stood by their unwashed and sometimes unwelcome multitudes…and they have served me well.

Go ahead laugh and be amused by my pink furry hats, often prophetic vetements, or ecstatic drawings… rest assured that’s why I put them on and spend hours scratching away with ball-point pens, to make both of us smile!

Money Honey. Jade Dressler

As I continue to meet the majestic people I have long admired, such as Mario above, in his flowery youth and below, proffering wisdom and funnies in our tete-a-tete…Ellie Cullman and Mario Buatta Book Signing

I love to discover that most do indeed “think too much,” harboring deep thoughts that sometimes are before their time. In this, the Winter, the Season of Deep Thoughts, all hail! We honor those people with 10,000 fascinating thought things under their flowery, sometimes chintzy bonnets.

“Ravishing Personalities are the most Riveting Things in the World.”

Diana Vreeland, circa “timeless”

Deep Thinkers mix it up with big doses of Funny and Imperfection…(Exhibit A: Mario’s book-signing fake hand that he slaps down on his signature after signing.) It’s because they see it all as a game. Life, love, birth and death are on continuous loop and the wise ones see it all through a bigger lens of compassion and grace.

When the chill is on, it’s high time for deep dives into the slow luxury and appreciation of ravishing personalities, glorious books, witty conversations and the simplicity of holding hands, molding baked goods, good souls and New Year resolutions deeply thought.

got some deep thoughts? The good news is Happiness arises from that grasshopper! Dive in, from free nature winks…

white oak winter

…to very costly Couture…


Here are our top ten resolutions for 2014, ten favorite ecstatic and deeply pondered people, places and things in our world at the moment, a tradition since 2012. We promise to leave you well-shaken and stirred. 

Deep Thought ONE
Resolve to Give Ode to The Geo & The Old 

Edward Curtis eskimo familySlow Luxury old hands

The Incongruities of Time and Ancient Matter. Peering out from the window in a friend’s antique shop, Scott & Bowne, in Kent, Connecticut during Thanksgiving, this happy Inuit family in the famous 1930′s Edward S. Curtis photo exactly mirrored the parka-clad Kentians doing early holiday shopping. Could this happy family have had deep inner imaginings, windows into the future, that their image would be seen by so many, and they might look out at passing customers? Are we captivated by their image because they so timelessly seem to smile right from the Earth itself? Methinks so.

In another little shoppe, I purchased this little piece of earth beauty, a blue celestite from Madagascar. It’s sitting on a well-etched, inch thick glass tabletop in my kitchen, which led it’s first fifty years in a bank. I love every etch of it.

Blue Celestine

Around the same time I discovered two other African treasures. South African and Smithsonian-exhibited photographer, (akin to Diane Arbus on hyper-speed) and former geologist, Roger Ballen and the cult-pop-group inspired by his art and sensibility, Die Antwoord. While the geode fits perfectly in my hand and is said to bring the angelic realm down to earth, I equally appreciate the beauty and bravery of Roger and Die Antwoord’s dark psycho images and incongruities. They evoke and power wash one’s ideas of humanity. Absurdly.


The deep inner meaning, what’s underneath or inside of the Earth and ourselves. Go there.


Here is a Roger Ballen interview, his explorations in mines and art are sourced where dreams come from, heights of heaven or deep in the heart of Earth.

Notice all the hands in this post? From Mario’s plastic hand, to the ancients and our own, we like what hands do as the wings of the heart. When our fast-track paws choose to un-connect to our mobile phones we suddenly recall what our life in Slow Luxury speed feels like.
(OK, yes, we Pawed and Pinterested about it…)

Like wise, wagging fingers of elders, old sweet crabapple trees twist tales in Winter, here. Delightfully, with their apt name, Malus Coronaria, they deliver a domed crown of sweet, pale pink and fragrant blossoms in Spring. Message!

Cherry trees winter

Resolve to Open Your Dior to Creativity

Dior Mark Shaw heart open

Do you have a secret garden? A place that allows you to drink deeply from your soul? For me, it’s techno music, Central Park, the elegance of Paris. These tonics calm me. All of Dior’s campaigns this year, focused on Versailles and gardens, reminded me to smell the roses in my own deep thoughts. From the new book on Mark Shaw‘s photographs of the house in the 1950′s and 60′s to the Fall campaigns imaged by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadinsatisfying dips into beauty. I resolve to evoke all this luxury for 2014.


Dior secret garden

Secret Garden 2 - Versailles Daria Strokous Inez Van Lamsweerde et Vinoodh Matadin jules fashion blog 0

Resolve to Acquire Golden Solar Jewels 

Bobae moon

You’ve heard the news that some of your bizarre aches and pains are due to more solar flare activities in the heaven above? I resolve to honor these warm wings of gold and light, an infusion gladly signed up for in Chill time. Find out about solar flares on your favorite New-Age ascension ranter’s site and peep Bobae Moon‘s acupuncture jewels here.  If you want to order a ring, ring Bobae directly at: bulbar {at} hotmail {dot} com. Want to squarely situate your golden wealth?

Jason Campbell Igneri

Then you must follow the incessantly globetrotting, surfing and recently hobbling about, amaze-man, Jason Campbell, EIC of The JC Report and stylist to “Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed-listers, celebrities and global elite such as like Wendi Murdoch, Ivanka Trump and Kathy Freston.” Jason held court recently in several rooms of the stately, art-filled home of Simone Levinson to launch his own collection of square-this gold finger things, Igneri. It was lovely to catch up as our paths have not recently crossed.

Here he is surrounded by UES beauties and a golden harp.

Jason Campbell w ladies

As for his hobbling about on crutches, I wasn’t sure if his bold, black shoes were exactly orthopedic or due to his surfing injury. He tisk-tisk admonished me…”Jade…Rick Owens.”

Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell ring

Peace Jason! I was also eyeing a double infinity-loop ring with multi-tiny black or chocolate diamonds from another jeweler exhibiting there. Yes, anonymous. This may be either due to busy holidays or intrigue. Either way, you get to contact The Jason here and get it figured out.

Resolve to Explore Your INNER REALMS

Campion Platt Holiday House

Campion Platt Holiday House 2

Are there Interior designers in the inner realms too?

Sleep is the intoxicant of the Deep Thinkers. The feathery bulbs and mossy mini-world here appeared like a dream in the Campion Platt-designed haven partnered with Sleep|Studio at the yearly and magnificent Holiday House designer show house. Platt’s room was one of my most favorite in this mouth-open, mega mansion, with rooms designed by the best and proceeds benefitting charity. Please forgive if I make a fuss over two designers, especially, one of my oldest friends, Randy Kemper of Ingrao, (we were high school chums) and one of my newest, Alexa Hampton, (a deep-thoughts chum). Thank you, and plug, plug, here is Alexa’s latest book for you to buy:

Alexa Hampton, Decorating in Detail
Brock Forsblom, Alexa Hampton

Brock Forsblom of Ingrao and Alexa chose Ingrao’s sensuous and very smart parlor to languor in.  This same parlor inspired designs by the New York School of Interior Design students for a little competition, which Alexa and Thom Filicia graciously judged for a benefit evening. In attendance were design stars such as Darrin Varden, Geoffrey Bradfield, Drew McGukin, Campion Platt, Patrick Hamilton, and many more. Design supporters Jim Druckman, Ruth Lynford and Betsey Ruprecht were floating room to room.

The deep thoughts I shared with Iris Dankner, founder of Holiday House, proved her to be a genuine jewel whose own triumph over cancer birthed the showhouse and the idea for the benefit evening, given her admiration for the college.

Jim Druckman, Alexa Hampton, Iris Danker, David Sprouls

Here are Jim Druckman, Alexa Hampton, Iris Dankner and David Sprouls, president of New York School of Interior Design, in the tea room, fashioned by one of my favorite playful and super smart designers, Guillaume Gentet.

It was Jim Druckman’s NY Design Center‘s book-signing event with 1stdibs for Mario Buatta and Ellie Cullman a few weeks earlier, where I ran into my “twin.” “We are turquoise twins, we are turquoise!,” he kept repeating, luring me in to take a photo. Hark! my twin is none other than designer, Victor de Souza, tres amusa!

Ellie Cullman and Mario Buatta Book Signing

Given he lures in and dresses other muses I regularly pant over, namely Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Daphne Guinness, Mary J.Blige and other originals, Michele Harper and Jean Shafiroff …I was truly honored. I guess he beguiles like this. Dear Twin Victor: You have sparked my inner realm of desire to be dressed by you for the red carpet. (hope, hope and hint, hint!) I can be very nerdy about things like this, I do hope that is o.k. with my twin.

white oak leaf

And why the shiny, exuberant white pine leaf next Jade? Because during all this focus on interiors, let’s not forget that exteriorly the grand white pine trees of Central Park are also grand decorators, brushing the ground with their deeply smart leaves. I love their shape, witness this lone dancer. Not to mention that they can be anciently over 400 years old, are rot and water resistant, look lovely en masse as a color scheme for an interior…and…

white pine leaves winter Jade Dressler

…because the Indians utilized it for food…and that is the next topic.

Deep Thought FIVE
Yes, Resolve to EAT, PRAY, LOVE.


With a Nature God named Pan, is it any wonder they are what we cook in?  Is it possible the most famous satisfied smile in all the world, Mona Lisa, has a twin? Is it possible to come out of the kitchen, strew oneself with botany and make a bestseller too? If I promise to eat more raw foods, chew slowly and thank the Earth can it help towards World Peace? Or should I just have a cocktail? All these things are on my mind and feeding me. Come…

This is a plug first for Elizabeth Gilbert‘s second book, “The Signature of All Things” after her wildly popular “Eat, Pray Love.” Though I have yet to dive into it, from the title to the premise of a woman botanist is right up my alley. The “Law of Signatures” forms the basis of all the smart wisdom I’ve gleaned from Nature, my Native American and modern herbalist teachers so this pop culture wayshower authoress once again steers us. What you see, is what heals.

This image from the NY Times book review captures that whole #woman, #gazing #earth #sad #I’m a 19th century botanist #I’m menstruating thing, doesn’t it?  For more drama, buy it here. For more health, look deeply at what you eat and cultivate your intuition. World Peace is next.

Elizabeth Gilbert book

Mona Lisa Smile

Que? Leonardo painted two of one of the most famous paintings in the world?  The ‘two-painting theory’ is the passion behind my friend Rafael Feldman‘s documentary film, based on decades of research and scientific testing of the Isleworth Mona Lisa, discovered in 1913.

Rafael’s wife, pop singer, philanthropist and entrepreneur Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin imported some Manhattan friends for the opening somewhere out east of civilization for the Gold Coast International Film Festival. Rafael and Consuelo here on the red carpet before the film. We actually found an organic restaurant for refreshments deep in the wilderness of suburbia. Thrilling!

Filmmaker Rafael Feldman at Gold Gold Coast International Film F

The same group plus tons of others cavorted several weeks later at the home of The Magnetizing Mr.and Mrs. Mona Lisa 2, high above somewhere in Manhattan. I pretended to be Bill Cunningham and nerdily snapped photos of what I have come to call “The New Upper East Siders.” Tied to art, fashion and interior designers, history, media, fashion, film producers, music composers, singers, lawyers, candlestick and money-makers…the hugs of These Folks…magnetize and trump all that.

Stephanie Micci and Consuelo Costin

Stephanie Micci, a redheaded beauty I met in Paris (of course!) and whose style is Superb,  since she is a Designer.(I love her Pinterest!) Here she rocks the loose collegiate sweat shirt with a sexy, tight, glimmer evening skirt…a look some will recall has graced my body in past years. Hugs here with Consuelo, whom Stephanie and I met together one frosty evening last year.

Robert Christensen, Heather Payne and Jade Dressler

Above hugs via rollicky on a big couch: Robert Christensen, The Photographer, Heather Payne, The Designer and me, The Jade Dressler (as some like to call me)…

Cole Rumbough and Consuelo Costin

So Swell, The Entertainers: Cole Rumbough, The Jazz Singer at Le Cirque and Consuelo…

Shelley Lewis and Mahir

Above you will find “The Spiritual Entrepreneur,” Shelley Lewis, in my favorite Susan Grant blouse and in hugs with The Turkish Titan, The Really Sweet, Real Estate Man, Mahir.

These three muses on the couch below, are Randy Schatz, The President of Avenue magazine, Nicole Noonan, The Entrepreneurial Lawyer and Sandy Madera, The Tourneau Exec.

Randy Schatz, Nicole Noonan, Sandy Madera

Those of good hair and deep genes, funnies, furries should hug together in Winter.The hair, Jade Dressler

Jade Dressler fuzzy seed pods

While outside trees dropped their good hair fuzzy seeds on the ground, the New York School of Interior Design hosted stars of the culinary world and restauranteurs to chat and chew on the design of restaurants. I loved my conversation with Michael Anthony, chef/partner, Gramercy Tavern, his pure passion and excitement over his new book and tour were clear evidence of his success. A being grounded in seasonal and earthy deep connections does make for the Law of Signature Success.


Equally ravishing personalities that night?  Adam Farmerie, hospitality designer and co-founder AvroKOBrian Guze, regional design director, Starbucks; and Tony May, celebrated restauranteur and owner of SD26.  Rivet your hands to Michael’s book here.

Eat. Pray. Love. That sometimes elusive Love Guru vibe. In the midst of my dailies I often desire to live as I imagine a Guru pads about, trekking the turf of the Earth. Eternally smiling and peaceful with it all. When you feel it, you know this is how you were meant to be.  For me it’s to sit in a French bistro and eat at the bar with a glass of wine or wake up at 5am, when the world is silently dreaming and brew my espresso. Either end of the day, the senses are fully awake…face is being fed…and the most delicious thoughts get brewed.

Deep Thought SIX
Resolve to Also Rise with Suns & Daughters of the East

Maria McElroy green tea

Is getting up early a resolution for 2014?  Maybe some bright green tea might help! I was having my own morning coffee when Wendy Goodman covering for New York magazine’s Space of the Week sailed into my email box featuring my good friend, perfumer Maria Elroy. I was thrilled for her as I’ve covered her Dumbo studio where she serves up her Aroma M homemade perfume and Japanese tea, Matcha, given she loves Japan as much as I love Paris. Get the tea in her studio, get her perfumes, here.

Maria McElroy

Want to really be animated beyond tea? Inhale this, from one of my favorite bloggers, Susie Bubble and a soulful collection from Seoul that I now love called Lucky Chouette.

Susie Bubble Style Bubble

Susie Bubble Chouette

I loved Susie’s post on the Spring 2014 collection and comment on the above picture: “surreal-doesnt-quite-cut-it-when-i-look-at-the-random-pap-pic-someone-took-of-me-at-the-jardin-de-chouette-show-at-seoul-fash

The point is that the energy of the collection is what you want to peep here and get caffeinated by. It captures for me my favorite mood of youthful innocence+ageless, campy smarts. I could dress 10 vastly different individuals in these pieces, mix it up with classics and vintage and make them stars!

Resolve to Live Large as in Silver Screen Large

Subway Queen, Jade Dressler

Allow me to act a little Life Coach here. (This IS January resolution time!)

Are you dressing for the film of your Life? No matter where you go, you are the star of your movie, so better dress for it! Get inspired by Winter. It is always about the silver, whites and stone greys…witness the “Subway Queen” I spotted and drew above.  Her individual style is everything I believe in: couture, classics and vintage mixed to highlight personality beauty marks, in this case the muse’s silver hair, rawish,worn brown leather bag and tan-toned feet in tan-toned shoes.  Her red soles, lips and confident older woman sexuality made her Award-worthy. Want this “IT-ness” for you or your brand in 2014? See here and call me.

And another sliver screen siren called this past month.

Director Andreas von Scheele (below) called me to style a music video for David Rogue, a singer songwriter, big news and bigger still given that film industry legend, Ben Barenholtz would make a cameo! Plus Rebecca Blumhagen of HBO/Cinemax‘s “Girls’ Guide to Depravity” and actress Liz Fye would be starring in the video. Michael Souter,head of Territory Brands hovered and documented. What a thrill! More images here.

David Rogue video 3

Lesson 2+…to create character begins with an intuitive color and follows with texture. For example, for Rebecca’s billiard hall babe, take-no-prisoners, seductress character, we mixed designer, Andrea Doria’s couture metal (actual metal) sequined pieces, short shorts and bra top to evoke her sharp, metal Cruella de Vil aspects…


…and we created grey leather lederhosen and clipped with vintage sugary-sweet fabric flowers to soften, seduce and personalize it. Let me get all Martha Stewart on you for a moment…yes… the hosen maden for Rebecca Blumhagen were fashioned from a pair of Plein Sud leather pants which had seen too many parties and yes! be a crafty vixon and add fabric flowers to your garters. “Why Ever not?,” as Ms. Vreeland would coo.

Rebecca Blumhagen, Jade Dressler

We twinned the florals with this sweet vintage satin frock on Liz Fye, who played the assassin/wife, below. The necklace was also a studio project, we made it from vintage pearls and a kitshy red satin rose. Another so easy and crafty style project. Yes, Mario Buatta, me too. Florals! Everywhere!

Liz Fye Breaking The Law

Resolve to Honor Furry Men Things

David Rogue video

Are men really animals? Ever deeply ponder the abundant metaphors of inanimate, furry things come to life abound during Winter Solstice and the return of the light? Ponder Frosty the Snowman; the toy soldier in Nutcracker; Osirus re-emerging; Pan re-fruiting; or men growing mustaches for Movember, the campaign to benefit prostate cancer early detection; and above, our character played by singer David Rogue in his video. This mythical human desire theme plays with ideas of conjuring a Spring re-birth of virility, power and life. Honor the furry bears.

Dr. Pedre Movember

Exhibit A: The Movember campaign we styled for our client, integrative physician, Dr. Pedre, going for a 1900′s, hipster, handsome roguish feel. Now where have you seen a doctor look like this lately? (Go see him, take your solar aches here.)

Cocteau's La belle et la bete

Exhibit B. Careful when plucking roses from secret gardens. Screening recently in London, La Belle et Le Bete, Cocteau’s remastered 1946 fairy tale film says “Love can turn a man into a beast. But love can also make an ugly man handsome.” Greening, flowering, molting and furring-up…the changelings of season, hair and moods are the light switches of beauty and love. Isn’t it deep to love all these roles?

Exhibit C. I loved discovering Saks Fifth Avenue’s delightful story about the abominable snowman, a large ape … a lost Russian emigre scientist named Yeti who lives on the roof and makes snow.  Riveting window conceptualist and designer, Harry Cunningham made perhaps the most stupendous window display eeeeever! See here:

Why do beings of Largese and Mystery who gaze from up high captivate?


Like parents looking from above at tinier children, we imagine the unseen, the largest beyond being able to see and hear our inner deepest.

Deeply ponder Diana Vreeland. (Yes, this is a segue.) She’s been one of my Abominable Yes-mans since a young age. Her vision and her gaze knew no boundaries of pleasure and delight. It didn’t matter that she never traveled to the places she enthused about…she imagined it even larger. She fixed her gaze on …IT.

Diana Vreeland fixing her gaze

Deep Thought NINE
Resolve to gaze deep into Crystals, get your hands on Clay and smell the Earth like there is no Tomorrow.

ice turtle

I woke up one morning to this icicle on my window sill. The frozen concentrate was a deep reminder of why I love working with Daum, the heritage art crystal from France. Let me clarify…

Daum les annees 50

Specifically, the pieces created in the fifties. Long before I knew of Daum, I bought fluid crystal glass vases and orbs in this style, not knowing that Daum was the original. This book, therefore, had me gasping at every page.  ’Cos there are crystals deep in the earth, in our bodies and in the computer you are staring at…is it any wonder that navel, crystal and vase gazing is so amazing?

Daum 1950's glass

As your coach, I recommend you get something green and luminous pronto to inspire.

green vase

Getting the green got me, one cold, freezing day in Plaza Flowers on Lexington, in the form of these “cash pots.” Now this could be “cache pot”…and who is “Jim Shack”? It is a mystery I leave for Spring. In the meanwhile, they also have intriguing candles for gazing into while these groovy, green pots could harbor herb seedlings or paperwhites.

Cash money pot

Not into springing cash for the cash-pot? Free and very fir-ry inspirational is to walk into an evergreen and inhale deeply. Ya? Ya like…right?


While you inhale, and ponder where Deep Thought TEN might be lurking (it’s in your brain, silly grasshopper!)

…we will leave you with one last image, that from one of my favorite artists’ holiday email. The Nick Ervinck image and his response to my email is a burst of ravishing that perfectly preps us for Spring. I wish you all of it’s energy for all your dreams and endeavors for 2014!

Nick Ervinck

“As always, I am thrilled by your work! Thank you for this image, I hope to include in my next blog. Genius, genius! Have a wonderful 2014, Nick! Jade”



Images as noted courtesy of Billy Farrell; NY Times; Holiday House images by Carrie Liu; David Rogue video images by Michael Souter’s team and Jade Dressler; Dr. Pedre image by Alvaro Montagna; books as credited and others by________(please fill in the blanks.) We like to always give credits so please let us know if there are additionals.

We are feeling ecstatic and trippy to have worked with so many stellar (and really sweet) people, places and things this year in art, design, fashion, interiors, music and wellness.  End of the year and we are a bit about shouting it out given the thrilling year it was. Trust us (and stay with us), we promise to have our usual long-form, flowery-prose, hallucinogenic blog post up next. It’s in the works and it’s a very pretty thing too.

Will you party with us a little bit while we celebrate the media accolades we secured and the successful projects we created? Thought so. Thank you!

Here are just tastings, the top eleven highlights this year (among many, too many to thank.) All our other projects and playtime are up next.

ONE      ”Here We Go!” Styling Pop Stars!


What an honor to dress pop star Consuelo Costin for her latest video! Consuelo’s videos have over 800K views on Youtube, and her latest song, “Here We Go” placed in all of the German Dance Charts top 100 and is currently #11 in the UK Music Week Club Charts. For director, Tim Abram Cox’s concept of pool party, we gave Consuelo a California/Cannes vibe to suit her strong European following. Silver leather jacket and skirt from Yoyo Yeung, white blazer from Angelo Lambreau, bathing suits from Body Glove, custom necklaces from Jade’s nimble fingers and shoes from Wetherly Fashion Group. Watch it here.

TWO       What’s up Caracas?


Rody Douzoglou

We opened the year with further writing and branding work for curator, Rody Douzoglou, the creator and curator of Backroom NY and Backroom CCS.  Rody’s work with artist Jarrod Beck, his installation vision in partnership with the Architecture and Urbanism department at the University Central de Venezuela in Caracas is full of passion and beauty for the future.

THREE    Luxury Retail at Your Service!


Martin Shanker knows luxury retail. As founder and president of Shanker Inc., for years he has helped global brands such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Cartier,Van Cleef & Arpels, and The Estee Lauder Companies accelerate sales and profit. We enjoyed our work opening up 2013 working with Martin on ideation, brand materials and press releases. For the New York Times article on Martin and his smart insights on service, click here.

FOUR     Flower/Star/Wellness Power for Dr. Pedre!

Dr. Vincent Pedre Logo Green

Dr. Vincent Pedre Logo Orange

Dr. Vincent Pedre Logo Blue

(other colors too!)

Dr. Vincent Pedre, TV medical expert, Integrative Physician, long-time client and friend came to our team for a new logo to update the branding package we designed several years ago with our designer Alvaro Montagna. Our goal was a logo that conveyed the integrative and holistic aspects of his practice with elements and colors to expand as the brand expands through service offerings, products and books. Follow Dr. Pedre’s wellness brilliance here on Facebook.

FIVE    One Colorful “Mid-Century Maestro: The Textiles of Boris Kroll”

Metropolis 2013 Boris Kroll

Metropolis magazine’s Paul Makovsky pens the feature story on the New York School of Interior Design’s Fall Exhibition: “Mid-Century Maestro: The Textiles of Boris Kroll” featuring the recently discovered Boris Kroll archives of textile legend, Scalamandre.  We love working with NYSID, thank you Paul and Metropolis EIC, Susan Szenasy. Read the article in the November 2013 print issue (where Boris beams in full page splendor and online here.)


 Boris Kroll mediterranean series-1

Paul Makovsky and David Sprouls at NYSID, Boris Kroll

Metropolis magazine’s Paul Makovsky at the Boris Kroll opening with NYSID president, David Sprouls. See more images of the exhibition and opening event here.

SIX    Make me a Star!

Amy Klein logo

Amy Klein LIVE

Casting director, coach and well-known discoverer of top talent, Barbara Barna Abel of Abel Intermedia, came to us to style her client, Amy Klein, a TV host looking for a new “hip, girl next store” styling for herself…and to conceptualize branding for her new website, which we called “Amy Klein Live!”  Although we weren’t on set for the photo shoot, Amy was thrilled with our style direction and chosen looks.  We added some edge to her look including leather pieces from our wonderful Nikolas at Xtige PR, and discovering those amazing silver stilettos from her own closet. Here is her new site created for her along with our Art Director, Alvaro Montagna: Amy Klein Live!

SEVEN   Slow Luxury in the Fast Lane.

Business Women Scotland

Business Women Scotland magazine interviewed our Slow Luxury partner, Fiona Fraser, co-founder with moi, Jade Dressler, on Slow Luxury’s platform. Go see what Slow Luxury is all about here:  Read the article here.

Business Women Scotland Slow Luxury


EIGHT     Get Happy, Get Bubbly on ABC News NYC!

Bubbles of Hope ABC Andre Bartenev

We were delighted and honored to place performance artist Andrey Bartenev for Dumbo Arts Festival on ABC News. Thank you my smart art partners, Natalie Burlutskaya and Maria Kordova of re:artiste, and to producer Sonia Kozlova Clark.

Our always-on-it ABC host and producer friend Lauren Glassberg loved Andrey’s work as do so many around the world. Read the story here. Experience a bit of the bright and shiny parade/performance here.

NINE    Love, Marriage, Divorce American Style 


This year we had the pleasure of working with Pace Communications and garnered this Yahoo Shine article for client, Vikki Ziegler, marriage and divorce law expert. Read the article here.


TEN    The Yeti Appears in New York!

INTERIOR DESIGN macys-new-york-holiday-window-decorations-2

And as a glittery end the year, Interior Design magazine covered the New York School of Interior Design’s well-attended holiday event featuring the magicians of New York City’s holiday windows. Thank you to the really great panelists, moderator, Eric Feigenbaum, NY editor of VMSD, and ID blog editor, Matthew Powell who wrote: “To explore the topic of visual merchandising at some of the most legendary holiday meccas, the New York School of Interior Design assembled a panel of three leading figures in the field: Tom Beebe, vice president of creative services for the W Diamond Group; Harry Cunningham, senior vice president of store planning, design, and visual merchandising for Saks Fifth Avenue; and Paul Olszewski, visual director of windows and interior flagship marketing for Macy’s.”

We all had much fun on Twitter with: @InteriorDesign @HCtwo @PaulOlszewski @ericfeigenbaum @macys and @sfa especially the Yeti. What? Read the article here and find out what we mean!

ELEVEN      Move over Dino, “on stage” Vegas has a whole new meaning.

Janine Francolini

We wrapped up 2013 preparing Janine Francolini, popular Huffington Post writer, founder of Flawless Foundation and mental health advocate to speak at Tony Hsieh’s Catalyst Creativ. Janine has advanced training in Collaborative Problem Solving, working closely with its creator, Dr. Stuart Ablon and his team, who have actually trained over five thousand school safety agents from the New York Police Department in this compassionate, more humane way of working with kids with brain-based behavioral issues. Read more about Tony Hsieh’s re-invention of Las Vegas here in Forbes.

And that’s our wee wrap-up for 2013.  We also give thanks to our other, very valued clients and project partners this year, including French heritage brands, Daum and Haviland, architects Francisco Spratley and Tiago Borges, child psychologist, Dr. Renee Clauselle, John Favreau of Little Lake Partners, Sandra Zwollo, creator of the stellar Marrakech retreat, Harem, and Victor Lee, and too many others to mention.

We’ll share more about Janine’s talk as we open 2014, new client, interior designer, Scott Sanders, and singer-songwriter, David Rogue’s newest video we styled with director Andreas von Scheele.

There’s always much more of us if you follow us on Facebook: Jade Dressler


And Twitter here: @plantme

Here’s to 2014!



After spending the last glorious weekend of Summer upstate at the Ashram, back in NYC, I was up all night online and in my dog-eared Peterson Field Guide trying to ID a wildflower I saw.  Positive I was the only sleepless, Manhattan-ite soul awash in botanicals of this sort at that moment. Finally, identifying what was a Summer bloom gone to Fall seed I fell asleep, fully satiated.

Fall is a golden moment where like butterflies dreaming of us, we are savoring the last passionate wild-flowering of color on the ground as Fall approaches. NYC, London, Milan and Paris unfurl sassy with Spring collections’ flower offerings, insisting that WILD PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS return to streets and runways to fill our heads before we tuck in for Winter.

Right before we wind between buildings in the chilled air winds, hardly seeing each other, here are my NINE favorite WILD flowers and the People, Places and Things acting like shocking and satiating wildflowers turning my head, making me smile and keeping me awake at night these past months.


Gold, blonds and bright yellow shimmers always turn our heads when we sense there will be less of the golden heat of the summer.  We loved this photograph in Spike Jones’ home by Todd Hido.  Turned away from a being a portrait captured, her identity is just what she sees…what looks to be a treeless forest in wait for Spring.


  On the runways, Etro is known for wild bold colored pattern on pattern and somehow this “yellow bud” skirt showered with flowers, paired with the stark black and white tight top seems to elicit that glare of a late season bud.

NY Fashion Week yellow

These PERSONS are my WILD FLOWERS of the month: Anna della Russo for those GOLDENROD yellow mink shoes seen above…so non PC; NY Fashion Week stalwart, here, the sweet Patrick McDonald sporting a GOLDENROD yellow slicker, spotted and shot by our friend Karin Kohlberg; and new friend and client, Andrey Bartenev, the Russian performance artist whose GOLDEN concepts via happy bubble costumes popped open the Dumbo Arts Festival this year, promoted with arts representation group, re:artiste.

andrey bartenev unmasked

WILD FLOWER THING:  We loved working this Fall with Paris-based designer, Adrien de Melo, for his debut in the US and his wild, stackable desks and chairs, ”Escaping Gravity” at Valerie Goodman Gallery, NYC, through November, produced by Gotham PR.  Adrien’s desks perch on ribs and roar like dragon heads, floating somewhere magical between primal and futuristic.

Adrien De Melo Evite



Famous for its popping seeds and sitting nicely always next to poison ivy as an antidote…finding jewelweed is like a sudden field of citron diamonds bobbing in the wind. Wild tiger lilies pop up for just a day…so very “fashion” like.

bigorangetigerlily_lrg cotton-sweatshirt-in-french-navy-poppy-print_1 I was tickled to know that this THING, my favorite print shoppe for interior fabrics, House of Hackney, now flings wild flowers on womens’ and mens’ shirts, dresses, jumpers, rompers, tights and even platform creepers. Um, LOVE THINGS.

orange surprise

This traffic-stopping (or inviting) jacket offers citron flowers as a city version of jewelweed to its field and stream crowd.



I always botch my botany between Boneset and Snakeroot, there are many varieties, it is just their look of bone with the coming chill that entrances me.  Reminds me of structures, strength, delicacy, transparency and wild…


PERSON: Valerie Steele is one such delicate Tower of Power. Director and Chief Curator at the Museum at FIT, her shows are always superb, inspiring and defining with her friendly, pop-culture weaving ways. Seeing her show this season, “A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk” was stellar for its human stories intertwined with the clothes, the guests on hand and history.  To walk the show with great dandy friends like Robert Verdi, Cator Sparks, John Favreau and Zari Awodein of Issey Miyake and have them point to their own garments on display, offer up back-history or the details of having sold a superstar “that leather outfit there”…was priceless.


THINGS: Other wild, wiry, transparent things flowering on Fashion Week streets as caught by Tommy Ton:

090613_Tommy_Ton_S2014RTW_slide_144 LORENZO MASI

Costume National’s transparent swoosh of a dress is how we might easily pass by the beauty of boneset wildflowers, waving in the cooler winds speaking of invisible bones. On the opposite pole, for the most transparent, multi-dimensional, “women are delicate dolls,’ on the boniest, laciest, skeleton-ish collection ever to walk a runway, topped by bedhead beyond and red-kiss-smudged lips, looky here at Thom Browne’s view of women  (adults only)


Royal Purple Asters flush clouds of purples, lavenders and plums in Fall woods…seeing them is a cool-down from Summer heat and an inspirational flash forward. The legs here courtesy of a wee Etsy shop I found, proving that some of the smartest down-low, downloads for attention-getting flushed street or cat walks may be found way off the High Street.

light feet above Bzrflowers

purple aster 2 ASTER Alexandre Herchovitz

Alexandre Herchovitz’s steely purple hazy silk winged THING here gives me that icy, ephemeral feeling like no flowered blouse can. I love the strength of these delicate wings fluttering…especially with this model’s fierce face. She reminds me of a dragonfly.


blue chicory

woman wildflower

Chicory flowers are tones of blue or pink dependent upon the acidity of the soil, in turn due to ants deep underground. I love that the busy working, brewing underworld city of ants is the influence for what crops up above the surface. Like lithe and elegant “surfacey” guests at a party, you often see chicory flowers on the roadsides, waving, air-kissing this and that way with each passing car.

 I cropped Anna Sui’s wispy, beautiful chiffon boho-kimono THING here, partly for the model’s blue face and gladiator boots Anna chose.  Mostly, like chicory, readers can decide the level of acid-trip balance via accessories when dreaming themselves in this get-up.

Flavorpaper Featherlight-Maquette

PARTY THING: Parties chasing away the blues cropping up in my world spanned lately from one at Jon Sherman’s Flavor Paper, whose wallpaper cures wallflower walls everywhere, above is their Featherlight in blue.  We opened Spring last year with a rooftop party at his nest, and…

Marvet Britto and Maxwell

…welcomed Fall’s warm Italian leathers, co-hosting with Courtney Lukitsch of Gotham PR, the Brett Johnson Collection launch at Soho House, NYC, where two of my fave PERSONS, mentor Marvet Britto and Maxwell, moved among the crowd matching in blue.  Brett, blue in the middle, is a talented emerging designer to watch.

Turning WILD flowers and fruits into sweets, the Beekman Boys, Brent and Josh, celebrated life in sync with the seasons this Fall with a soiree at Madison Ave’s Christofle jewelbox shop (filled with happy, silvery, celebratory THINGS) for the launch of their new book, “The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook.”  To discover their underground WILD “before they were famous” tales featuring WILD persimmons from Brett’s childhood home or the WILD “real cowboys” of Josh’s favorite cowboy cookies, I suggest you get a copy of their book pronto Tonto.  Here, Jade Dressler, moi, with “the boys,”  Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge.

Josh Kilmer Purcell Brent Ridge jade Dressler

Central Park wedding

And then, wild moments in the street, everyday people PERSONS in Central Park. Ten thousand, wild, wild THINGS…I loved this blue bride and her entourage rustling by one Sunday.



Springs’ wild flower envelopes please, have all been opened by Fall’s crispness. So a pale pink furry envelope and skirt during Fashion Week conquering the concrete jungle’s pavements with pointed gold boots speaks of being WILD in a subtle strong way that I love.Pink Tommy_Ton_

On the other side of the envelope, imagine those same concrete slabs of the streets, on the backs of Nepalese child slaves, seen in this photo holding hands for strength. This image, seen by 8-year old girl, moved her so much, she vowed to help in some way.

child slaves

That girl PERSON is Vivienne Harr, a world away in Santa Monica. Vivienne “made a stand” selling lemonade and sat on her sidewalk for 365 days raising $156,788, which she sent to charity, freed slaves, and began an inspiring crusade bolstered by international PR and an upcoming movie and childrens’ book. Talk about pink, girly power.

Vivienne Harr

I love her WILD, wacky PINK fashion sense and smart parents who formed a lemonade brand based on their daughter’s determined stand.  My friend Shelley Lewis is raising funds for a children’s book to tell Vivienne’s story on Indiegogo, RUNWAY there now and support this kind of WILD.  And lest we think PINK is only for wildflowers, fashiony girly things, charity and Victoria Secret bottoms, one of my favorite dandy pals, Montgomery Frazier, rocks the pants and the shoes at a recent party at my pal, Tracy Stern‘s new home featured in a lush spread in NY Cottages & Gardens magazine.


This, the pale girly boudoir where Tracy dreams up her wildflower tea concoctions.  We love Tracy the most for ALL her philanthropic endeavors, practical, smart and thrifty design ideas all the while championing lush LIFE.

Tracy Stern NY Cottages and Gardens

One spot of pink color and Tracy’s respite from NYC wild leads us to this image from Elle, featuring the red screen of Jacques Jarrige, at Valerie Goodman Gallery, an artist we promoted this Spring. His open flowing forms, more about what’s not there than is…is the exact subtlety we love in design or the expression of self through style.

Jacques Jarrige, Elle

The French word for lace is “dentelle” which also means “little teeth,” which to me has always spoken about the little teeth of form which holds and releases life into the empty open. Red cosmos, one of the last saturated hot color wildflowers of Fall does that…


red cosmos


I am a fan of lace for lingerie primarily, not clothing for day, unless its done with humor or irony. Rules are made to be broken by the WILD, thus, in a bold color like red…and on the runway of Ann Demeulemeester, we defer and suddenly are entertaining, demurely racy WILD daytime thoughts.
Backstage at Thom Browne, red lace becomes a field of red poppy flowers like the one enticing Dorothy.

Thom Browne


On the street one day, I looked up to see that I walked behind this racy, red lace WILD FLOWER, it was…and then again? It could be anyone. Seen on the street lately casually as well as at parties, red on men is popping up more these days, especially in the form of red pants having finally emerged beyond preppy Nantucket Reds or bullfighter pantaloons. Worn by stylish PERSONS like Steve Stolman, CEO of Scalamandre, they mark one as a visionary with a good sense of humor, which he most definitely is.  Steve obliged me and posed with New York School of Interior Design President David Sprouls’ similarly attired son, at the college’s opening of the Boris Kroll’s exhibition.  Scalamandre smartly owns the archive of Boris Kroll, who was the first to introduce hot pinks, hot reds, oranges and turquoise into the weave of commercial fabrics, such as this hot pattern below called Medusa.

Red power entrances Fall leaves, fruits and PERSONS…

steve stolman 1

Boris Krollred fall leavesPomagranates

  Red is never hard to wear and always pops up like a wild card, seen in these Tommy Ton street red head-turners.

red bike _Tommy_Ton_red Tommy_Ton_S2014RTW_slide_156


Iona Crawford dress Pokeweed

Like a wild gal you can never forget, pokeweed stains, makes great jelly or deathly poison depending on how you handle her.  One of our championed Slow Luxury designers from Scotland, Iona Crawford, designed this Leda and the swan dress above, which made me gasp for its silken implicit simplicity and poking WILD sensuality.  Flirting with death/sex/transcendence comes with every Fall into Winter, the time between worlds, whether we are in a dream, dressing before a mirror or out having a ball.

lanvin butterfly

Lanvin. Lanvin. Lanvin. On repeat in my mind for 1000′s of branding, silhouette, structure, fantasy and wisdom reasons, I loved both their WILD Madison Avenue window of butterflies above and runway silvery petal pink froth of a frock below. With the bondage necklace straight out of the French porn classic “O,” plain as death pumps and the model’s amusing, next day, hung-over face …the genius of Lanvin is that you can already imagine yourself wearing this and the night you enjoyed.



wheat 1
ETRO wheat_0814.450x675mugwort-tea

The wild weed Mugwort is best identified by the silver underbelly of its leaves bowing en masse in the wind and thus making clear why tea or a bundle under a pillow elicits lucid dreaming. The scent is heavenly, it grows everywhere.  I loved Etro’s silvery tan sliver of a dress for all its similar understated power, much like faded flowers or dried tea leaves still hold potency to heal.mugwortdreamingplace-010

Here is my friend Mugwort in all her forms so you can find her this Fall in a field, woods or roadside near you.

And for my final, WILD-Nerd-like-me musings:  The plant gone to seed which inspired this post was Spiderwort, she of deep purple flowers in Spring which bloom in morning, last only until evening and end the season in a finale haze of silvery, golden brown, paisley-shaped seed heads that perch like space ships on slender spider leg leaves. In another “acid daydream” the tiny blue hairs of Spiderwort are “bioassays for ambient radiation levels” which means when exposed to gamma radiation they turn pink. For more fascinating spider tales, involving the Indian lore and lure of Pocahontas, spiderwort and suchness, read here or here for Mr. Micawber’s Recipe for happiness blog, where she (Mrs. MiCawber) rides her bike all about and tries to see how many wildflowers she can find. 

See? I may be alone in my wild/nerd passion in Manhattan, but in the WILD, WILD world…there are many more of us.

In honor of those wild PERSONS…I wrote this blog…and to inspire you to get to know more of the WILD that breathes us as we breathe them.

To wave you on until next time, here is my sound love lately, this video “Green Garden” by Laura Mvula.  I never tire of dancing in front of my mirror to this happy beat, mesmerized by the dancing cast, the brilliant STYLING and the ways she trolls “gaaaa-aaa-aaah-den.” May you too, explore this garden of Earthly Delight with as much sunlight and LOVE.

“Green Garden”

Take me outside, sit in the green garden
Nobody out there, but it’s okay now,
bath in the sunlight, don’t mind if rain falls,
take me outside, sit in the green garden,
Uh ah, uh ah uh,
Uh ah, uh ah uh
And I’ll fly on the wings of a butterfly
high as a tree top and down again
putting my bag down, taking my shoes off
walk in the carpet of green velvet
Dance in my garden like we used to,
Uh ah, uh ah uh
Dance in my garden like we used to,
Uh ah, uh ah uh
Take me outside, sit in the green garden
nobody out there, but it’s okay now,
bath in the sunlight, don’t mind if rain falls,
take me out, seat in the green garden
I’ll go, wherever you go, wherever you take me, I’ll go
I’ll go, wherever you go, wherever you take me, I’ll go
And I’ll fly on the wings of a butterfly
highs of tree top and down again
putting my bag down, taking my shoes off
walk in the carpet of green velvet
Dance in my garden like we used to,
the dance.
Dance in my garden like we used to..
Uh ah, uh ah uh
Take me outside, take me outside,
take me outside, sit in the green garden.
I’ll go, wherever you go, wherever you take me, I’ll go
I’ll go, wherever you go, wherever you take me, I’ll go
I’ll go, wherever you go, wherever you take me, I’ll go
I’ll go, wherever you go, wherever you take me, I’ll go
I’ll go, wherever you go, wherever you take me, I’ll go.
post by Jade Dressler, images from, Tommy Ton, moi, Jade Dressler and the WILD web. Thank you.



who will wear this today

gold skirt.

was inspired by this pink cloud dawn this morning in this NYC


pink clouds.


to put new bee pollen in a sugar shaker on silver top counter, in blue+white China bowl of apple juice with cinnamon

bee pollen


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