NYC Night Jade Dressler

NYC Fall 2014. At every autumn, orange sunset in Manhattan, Central Park trees float their last yellowy orange leaves down, and a leafy shag carpet begins to rise, ready for tomorrow’s millions of feet pestles to mortar into the pavement. Perhaps every Fall, this city-infused herbal potion prepares us for some wintry healing magic for making dreams come true. Imagine, the alchemist of Nature driving us to throw down and mash up our own tea leaves in the metallic glass beaker bottle of NYC, towards what mysterious effects we have no sensory awareness of!


On the ponds of the park, loons make their last dives of the day, owl eyes wink-pop open, silver stars emerge slowly and hundreds of sparkled gowns get zipped up for Fall’s shiny, gold galas, award and charity red carpet events, many to benefit children halfway around the globe just waking up to their day.

This ritual of nature and the ritual of philanthropic humans of NYC, this giving, these grand parties, these gems…I’m calling it my big Orange Crush, a term I use for what makes me happy, expansive and lustful for life.  Here’s a few of the more stellar Orange Crush events and thrills we zipped up for.

One Hundred Years for NYC Kids…Kips Bay
On one recent evening, all this Giving and Glamour, made the Central Park Boathouse glow for the Kips Bay gala, set on a glimmering pond reflecting a pearl moon and city lumens winking like gems…

Fall in NYC

Inside hundreds of gala goers threw down to benefit the legendary Kips Bay children’s programs, reaching its 100-year mark. These people party hard! Donna Summers‘ coo-ing and bossa nova pumped the dance floor filled with all kinds of folks “cutting the rug”…Baronesses, even a federal judge, and my favorite, Orange Crush #2, a neon orange lace, swirly coat dress buttoned up and matching heels I lusted for as the perfect party frock for this event, the essence of positivity, the changing leaves, the transparency. (Its sexy, authoritative neon-ness later lit up a gondola on the lake, as boatloads of dancers ventured out.)

Jade Dressler, red rose top

I thought my own Marlo Thomas/ That Girl out-on-the-town look, with my circa 70′s silver lame high-waisted pants topped with the above fuzzy puff sleeved orange-red rib sweater with silvery roses – hit the same smart note, given the Donna Summers vibe and the garb of the guests. The dance floor was awash in men in pale pink suits, puffy cocktail frocks and even a frenetically dancing lady who resembled “a Lufthansa stewardess.” (quipped a friend)

Design notables form a core base of support for Kips Bay, as every May, The Kips Bay Designer Showhouse is where these top designers and others really throw down for the cause.  Designers at the boathouse event included our client, Scott Sanders, interior designer, who hosted our table; Gideon Mendelson, James Rixner; Charles Pavarini; John Eason; Jennifer Flanders; David Scott, and industry leaders such as James Druckman.  

Evenings end, limping socialites lifted centerpieces and crawled out of the park to 5th Avenue taxis.

Hello, for a week that orange lace dress has haunted me. Why? Why was it so perfect for this evening? Was it just that it matched the leaves? Or was it the Nobel Prize-winning Malala factor? Her orange garb standing for hope, giving, sunniness? 


Malala, my Orange Crush #3.

Photo by Brad Barket/Invision /AP Images)

Or is all this orange just a color Power of Pop, like the Princess Rihanna factor? (My #4 crush for sure)

rihanna orange

Orange signals change, hope or caution. Sunrise and sunset. From monks and Malala to Rihana on the red carpet…to…these waving-like-Malala, these orange hello kitties in the shop window of jeweler, Marie Helene Taillac on the upper east side. Imagine seeing 50 of them waving in a window! This was my next Orange Crush, #5.

Marie Helene de Taillac close up Jade Dressler
I met Marie in Paris and am excited to see her shops expand into NYC and Japan. A fashion veteran, including work with Philip Treacy, de Taillac had a revelation when she met with some of the finest artisans in India, who still work according to traditional methods dating back to the maharajahs.

spinel Marie Helene Taillac

I saw this same inner sacred = “gems in metal enclosures” pattern at an interior design show this season, my senses tell me we are about to see more of this given the season and the times, now is when we lust to frame our desires/our fiery gems as the earth grows cold in the northern climates. Cultivating inner gems are what inner clarity, outer charity and celebrating do for a person. Imagine if we do more of this as Humanity.

jewel screen

A Night For Educating Girls, Furthering Dreams

Next in the chain of events, brilliant sari’s, smiles, malas and gems galore came together for an event at the Indian Consulate, featuring the art of Shreya Mehta to benefit the education of girls and orphans in India through the work of Commit-2-Change and our client, The Satya Foundation. Orange Crush #6.

C2C_Satya Foundation Invite 2

We are proud to work with native New Yorker, Satya Scainetti, who discovered her passion for gemstones and sacred symbols on a yoga retreat. Her vision to create jewelry and give back to children, by supporting their desire for education, led to her founding of Satya Jewelry, with two stores in NYC and her founding of The Satya Foundation, which held their first gala on one of the first cold evenings this season. I’ve been calling Satya, “NYC’s Malala.”

Satya Scainetti

Gemstones rule at Satya, in a more downtown cool-girl vibe. Two powerful rings by Satya are my Orange Crush #7. I would wear one in citron and one in onyx, to capture the season’s shift of light into dark. The citron, French word for lemon, for that quiet strong visionary, pale daytime light and the onyx for the strength of the longer Winter night.

Satya citrine ring

Satya Onyx ring








Fascinating, that sparkling citrine, ranging in colors from pale yellow to vibrant orange “assists in acquiring wealth and helps in maintaining it. It is a stone of abundance and manifestation, attracting wealth and prosperity, success and all things good. It also encourages generosity and sharing good fortune.”

The world is realizing that educating a girl fosters a loop of community, connected feminism, change and civil rights. Onyx the gemstone “fosters inner strength, focused attention, willpower, self-mastery, discipline, reason.” This concentration matches the inner fire of girls determined to go to school despite so many hardships.

For her gala, “NYC’s Malala” went for the strength of an inner Malala look, while on the outside she shimmered like Rihanna in a long, slim onyx gown of shinees to match her long black hair. Beautiful!

Satya Scainetti

Celebs in film, fashion and finance raised funds for the girls in the schools the Satya Foundation has supported for over eight years, including friends of Satya, Ed Norton, actor; Shauna Robertson, producer; actresses Cassandra Seidenfeld and Sejal Shah, and Kim Jackson, film producer.

Ed Norton Shauna Roberson

Power people in government and business included Ambassador Dynaneshwar Mulay, Consul General of India; my friend and inspiration, Baldev Duggal, president, Duggal and NYC green developer; Adam Oestreich, president of NY Cares; Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, Former NYC Deputy Public Advocate under Bill de Blasio, author; and Sharon Manner, Ashrams for Autism.

Fashion luminaries included Kiran Rai, CEO of Satya Jewelry and Sir Alistair Rai; Alexis Maybank, founder of Gilt Groupe; Cushnie Carly, designer; Alisa Ng, founder of; Sindya Valloppillil Kalghatgi, founder HELIX Men and Rebecca Parekh, COO, Deepak Chopra Radical Wellbeing.

Shreya Mehta, Satya Foundation, C2C

The finance world braved the cold and crushed with guests such as Sapna Werner, GH Smart; Amish Barot, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank; Mamta Kaushal, Director of Integrity, World Bank; Abney Poonja, VP Deutsche Bank; Mousmi Sharma, Managing Director, Hudson Bay Capital; and Brian Wood, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley.

Read more about the event and support the education of girls on the foundation’s Crowdrise, a site founded by Ed Norton and Shauna Robertson.

The Luminous Inner Sanctum of a Stellar NYC Party

party time is orange crush time

And, sometimes, the humans throw down just to celebrate LOVE.

Orange Crush #8. My friend, the beautiful inside and out, Dr. Shirley Madhere sent me a cryptic email asking for my address. A few days later a large golden envelope arrived in the mail with an invite to a party at the NYC Library to celebrate her engagement to Michael Weil, president of American Realty Capital.  Not just any party, five hundred people gussied up and partying hard at one of NYC’s most spectacular venues.

Shirley’s spirit is best described as a beautiful, captivating spark. A holistic plastic surgeon, she hosts monthly salons bringing the best leaders of beauty and intelligence together and makes regular appearances on Dr. Oz. As founder of Beauty 4 Empowerment, “a campaign for global awareness… invested and engaged in the empowerment of women worldwide through the language and power of beauty…” you best believe she is my Orange Crush #8!

While I knew my Aries-sister would do it up right, nothing prepared us for this thoroughly glittering, power crowd, with amazing folks of all walks of life, from characters such as Uncle Blinky, the son of Flava Flav, to Tia Chibani to trusted biz associates of Michael living all over the world. Was everyone flawlessly beautiful inside and out? Maybe it was the occasion and the scene, and Yes, well, they were.

New York Library

Ascending the steps to the entrance…(good practice for my future Met Costume Exhibit gala entrance)


A vast hall with tree silhouettes and a spot-lit torch singer.


This is just one end of the hall, guests still arriving!

woman at bar

The, oh…about 30 foot long bar. No crushing of bodies here, just elegance of ritual.

4 procession

The descent to dinner.

5 the hall

The vast dinner hall, folks of all kinds, family and friends breaking bread and feasting from, oh about 20 tables laden with sumptuous food of ALL kinds!

6 the hall 2

Sparkling above.

7 Jade Dressler Dr. Pedre

Sparkling below. Moi, the Jade Dressler and The Dr. Vincent Pedre, my client, integrative physician, author and friend. Hot dancer too! He made me do Spanish things on the dance floor.

the room

At one end of the cavernous room, a golden wall gleamed.

8 the toast

The couple in the lights looked mythical, like professing their LOVE in front of a Greek temple of immortality.

orange party frock Dr. Shirley madhere

And yet another silk orange frock mocking a float of a leaf with the wind lifting and twisting. (note: Dr. Shirley is working the Power of Pop, the Princess Rihanna factor here. And note, my Manhattan cocktail is affecting my poetry. And note, this dress is my Orange Crush #9. )

The toast ends.  Let the dancing begin! Back upstairs y’all.

9 lights NYC

The Lights!

10 lights NYC library

The waving, dancing feathers and orchids!

Tia Chabani

The People! The Scrumptious Designer Tia Chibani in a silk flower. (It was way more than a dress.) We connected via our mutual designs, I loved her dress, she loved my Flava Flav necklace.

Flavor Flav original Jade Dressler

11 dance floor

Purple rain, girl in bunny ears.

12 dance floor

The dance floor.

13 Dancing feet

My dancing feet. Gold leather pants and rhinestone shoes for glitz and black thigh-highs…because, well that’s my world.

Shirley Madhere Michael Weil

Shirley and Michael

Shirley and Michael throw down. Shirley changed gown. Now a red and ultra-violet blue dress of feathers. Accessorized with a diamond GEM and candy bracelets.

party feathers

My date for the evening, (remember he’s a holistic doctor) literally stopped everything on the dance floor to lure me over to a dessert table which was about 50 feet long. I think he smelled the sugar. White orchids, feathers and pearls. Fluted vases, canisters and trays. What a way to lighten up about dessert!

How perfect to cap the night by evoking both a white downy bed and a blanket of snow to dream in.

feathered dessert table

Sugar. Dance. More sugar, more dance.

At exactly midnight…everything stopped. Music off. Lights up. Party over in an instant. Crushed…but…How perfect is that?

star shoes by the door

After this event, and late nights, it is time to leave the evening’s gold shoes by the door…

winter sun

the orange sun of winter’s dawn is coming…


The owls are getting sleepy…XO LOVE

People.  Rihanna and her many sparkling pasties and outfits.

Places.  Support the inhabitants of NYC, the humans of Kips Bay and the flora and fauna of Central Park. 

Things.  Pretty citrine ring and stalwart black onyx ring. A thrifty $109. allows you to also make a donation to the Satya Foundation!




 Susan Tabak in Marcel Marongiu for Hype

October 4, 2014

“a dragonfly laying in coat of snow” (((((( Nico poetry )))))

Rainy Saturday morning swells water imagery/delicate emotions this week. Best picture above of my favorite Francofile, exquisite-eye, and batting eyelashes friend Susan Tabak in swelled full circle skirt mode. Inner flowers.

Thankful this week to witness the full flower sound walk tribute to poet Nico‘s accidental death on her bike by another beautiful rolling stone, Patti Smith and daughter, Paris,  ~

Patti Smith Soundwalk Concert

~ packed audience at FIAF. Water phone and turntable instruments, crystal orbs and bowl playing, orchestrated by my friend, music+image maker, Stephan Crasneanscki, whose image of a Flower Shower of a pure devotional festival in India is on my front door~~~~because yellow flowers remind me of my rolling stone father.

Heart swells zipped me back to a prophetic dream last week of singing bowls and harvesting and pressing velvety, underground corn kernels into crystal skulls on a farm in Italy (a very American Indian vision kind of dream)

Stephan Crasneanscki yellow flowers

 ~ there are worlds in petals/water droplets/holograms/rainbows where I can smell a swell infinity~

full circle rainbow

Aren’t we all just bees cross pollinating with plants, flowers, wools, waves, weaves, +tweeds cycling back to patterns we wear and groove with? Thus we Happily Pondered on Skype yesterday with brand partners on how to re-weave classic tweeds/or anything landing into modern crossroading. A 2-D-piction of 1-billion-D stars to make us Big Dippers.

Nuff slow poetry! Gotta run! Saturday! Errands! Soap bubble LOVE!

Helmut handbag

People.  Patti Smith+Soundwalk  Stephan Crasneanscki  Susan Tabak  Fiona Fraser  Matt Brown Nico

Places.  @rollingstone RollingStone  That which Rolls Everywhere.

Things. Elizabeth Martin  Harris Tweed  Scottish Enterprise







Edie Sedgwick and flowers

October 2.2014


Hi Love

LOVE my innie work from home RAINY DAY NYC ~ Casual Fridays indeed! ~

edie arabesque NYC

Voila! PJ’s to PJ’s ~ ~ a call from Paris b4 tucking in~ catch ups with my new mama/Elle editoress/brand star/LOVE: Trish in unbroken waves ~

Unbroken Wave serge gainsborg

we talk Paris to NYC “Pajamarama” from bebe adorableness to Paris runway newsflashes ~

Paris to New York

~to women/identity/power from my bright lights/bright city power confabs at NYC’s recent WIE conference with yum ladies: Alexandra Wilkis Wilson. Alissa Vitti. Alina Cho. Amma Asante. Amy Odell. Cindy Gallop. Dee Poku. Diane Brady. Donna Cruz. Gabrielle Bernstein. Jane Hertzmark Hudis. John Demsey. Rachel Sklar. Satya Scainetti. Zosia Mamet. And Many More.

~to women/identity/power on the march with Paris’ Lagerfeld/Chanel women’s protest defile~

d cara-delevingne-chanel-paris-fashion-week-september-2014

to the Kaiser’s previous SHOPPING show to the little book on PJ’s I must send to Trish’s son ~

e photo-417 copy

to my NYC traffic-stopping woman pro-surfing the sidewalks yesterday wrapped in a Persian rug coat ~

woman in a Persian rug

A new picture of Le Fils, her son, a blond little prince with a red balloon ~ to

 Jade Dressler red ball

~ the late afternoon kid cheers, chants from my NYC 7-inch schoolyard playground next door~red ball bounce, bounce, bounce into the earth ~ earth turns, turns, turns~ owls lift lids when dusk’s curtain falls.

((( Wow. I never got out of my PJ’s. )))

LOVE. ‪#‎bizfromanywhere‬ ‪#‎LOVEanywhere‬ ‪#‎suchasmallsmallsweetworld‬

People. Trish Nagy Travieso  Karl Lagerfeld

Places. Home. Feels good to be consumed by

Things. Pajamarama. Hi Love! curtain above~hey I made that+hey, for hire!

LOVE! WIE, Women, Inspiration and Enterprise Symposium  The Satya Foundation (full disclosure: our client!)

Paris Dusk

NYC LOVE notes: 5pm: Black silk mini, bare legs with cowboy boots + trench leaguing it to the bistro bar,

where 6pm dusk a solo biz man is relishing a full tiered plate of 10 oysters,

Oysters on a plate

while Barry White moans through the open bistro sidewalk doors

Barry White

7pm  We are drunk ( in the name of business ) on truffle cheese, champagne, reds+whites paired with impossible cheeses at Artisanal Bistro with Robert Landon, editor from Beirut luxury magazine, Aishti 

Robert Landon, Jade Dressler

8pm On the streets marveling again how a vigorous shake of a head is the perfect answer to any unintelligent, dirty approach or ask from a stranger. Hearing the “say wha?” from a certain old disco song every time seeing the improbable person or situation (every two blocks)

Helmut Newton

9pm, a cigarette pinched between a soldier’s fingers inside his palm, lights alternating on his hunched tan uniform as he passes open cafes.


People.  Maria Ko Robert Landon

Places.  Artisanal Bistro  (full disclosure: our client!)

Things.  Excellent Little Black Silk Dress from Housing Works Thrift Shop  Nocona Cowboy boots since 1925

LOVE.   Helmut Newton Grace Jones’ Nightclubbing  Aishti magazine

whitewall abc


New York City (some of my) 1 Million LOVE Smiles Yesterday: Morning: A fruit vendor passes a free apple to a very old man; I discover a small shop door leading to a big screen of the biggest Bollywood fake + fantastical jewels E-ver; a happy dwarf woman on a park bench, seen from a cab; Chanel-throbbing guests from China checking in at the Four Seasons Hotel; grown women (me+) giggling like pre-teens over orgasmic chocolate bonbons tumbling onto Park Avenue; a royal blue dream image a friend texted at 2am


People. Shelley Lewis of Sacred Space NY Philippe Achard Jill Newman  Sherry Matthews   Beau LeBoeuf   Jeremy Murphy

Places. Four Seasons Hotel

Things. Touring Food Trucks, Classy Jewelry Inc on 27th Street (no site, use feet)

LOVE!  New Yorkers for Children Whitewall magazine: Paulette Cole Talks Sacred Space and Slow Design  Slow Luxury ABC Carpet and Home


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