Pocahontas Handily Solves Our “Immigrant Problem.”


Welcome.  It is July 4, 2017, Independence Day.
Herewith, some independent symbolics, ideaologies, and wishes from Kiawah Island, South Carolina, United States, via kayak, July 4, 2000, spanning to July 4, 2017.  Plus! a preview of my book.


It was midday.  I relaxed the oars of my kayak, thankful for that familiar dripdripdrip back into the tidal creek waters, tiny notes to lead into the symphony of vast quiet where I could tune into the frogs, fish, deer, bobcats, gray foxes, raccoons, osprey, dolphins and river otters … echoes of the original wind song in the marshes of Kiawah Island’s rich wild life.

It was here that the idea to change my name, my identity was born.


We are all immigrants here.

On this July 4, the birthday of the United States, I reflect how we, a nation of melting pot immigrants, with the exception of Native Americans … and beyond them, the wild creatures … how can we bridge today’s perilous cultural footprint from that identity of fear, bullying, and violence … and return to the essence, identity and dependent (crucial) balance of all beings, this legacy of this exquisite land and its original inhabitants?

Answer: Pocahontas and Hamsa.  Pocahontas Handily Solves Our “Immigrant Problem” with her spirit.  Way beyond Disney, she hands us the solution.

First, hamsa.  An open hand is a welcoming symbol of protection, peace, and an open heart.

Say hi! to this symbol found in all cultures from this country’s first, original people marking the land with their hands, like these by Esalen Indians in Big Sur, California.

esselen hands on rock 2

Petroglyphs marking their honoring presence, identity, and connection to The All.


Hi! to the “gesture of fearlessness,” the Abhayamudra of the Buddhists.


Hi! to La Mano Poderosa, “All Powerful Hand,” in Christianity.


Hi! to Mexican Milagros, “Miracle” hand symbols for good luck.

Hamsa hands

Hi! to talismans found all over the Middle East from Israel to Arab lands.



Hamsa, aka The Hand of Miriam or The Eye of Fatima is the ancient blessing, power, and symbol for protection on material and spiritual planes loved by all faiths, led by Middle Eastern, Judaic, Christian, and African cultures. Perhaps the Middle East’s one shared symbol, she waves hello all over North Africa, Israel, and beyond in talismans, amulets, as jewelry worn on the body, and as intriguing architectural details.  With origins way before even the old kingdoms of Egypt, where it was called Mano Pantea, or Hand-of-the-All-Goddess, and seen throughout herstory, from Inanna to Aphrodite to Mary, the two fingers originally represent Egypt’s Isis and Osiris. The eye on the palm is for their child, Horus. The Hamsa symbol has even been found in Native American burial sites.

Traced further and farther back in time, Hamsa, in the world’s most ancient language, Sanskrit, means I am that, for the two sounds of the breath, the inhale (Hum) and the exhale (Sa), a self-defining identity mantra ( Me! ) that we all perform a thousand times everyday.

Solution #1:  A welcoming hello to others, a conversation seeking peace and common ground is always a start.

Solution #2:  Hi!  And here is a sneak preview, an excerpt from my coloring book publishing in several months: Immortal Beloved: The World’s First Goddess Perfume + Coloring Book.  Read more about the book here.

I first had a glimpse of the material for my book, seventeen years ago on July 4th, after my kayak adventure.  In reflection, I see the long curve of creativity.  The long curve of history.  Of humanity and of a planet in harmony with all global beings.

See our preview here and discover why our first goddess, Pocahontas, offers a bit to enlighten us on “the immigrant problem.”  Go on girl, goddessplain’!


“Not much is known about this memorable woman.”

  “Ah! Come on! Actually … I shall persist!
We do know a whole hella lot about this woman!”
Jade Dressler


HER STORY IN THE ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW. C’mere. Closer. Now look here in a clearing, where just after the last wintry blizzard melt, cradled by pines and the sweet earthy of Sage, Tobacco, Sweet Grass, and Cedar all sultry around a campfire, thousands of minute, speedy orange fire spiral-swimmers-disappear-up into Father Sky’s night to wink with stars. Waaaay-way below, a blanketed mountain of a Grandmother sways deep in trance. Her head lifts, nose to the air, she lets loose a wail, “Ah- ah-rrr-ooooo-oh-Mmm-mmmm!” in wolf-speak immediately core-crushing the whole entire earth, making every breathing being within miles leap the … out of their skins. The galaxy shaken. And then, so soft, like a sweet morning dove, “Ah-who-who-who- who?” she whisper/sings a heroine song to the gathered children, their eyes wide. Like animals imagining. Like fireworks in a hawk’s eyes, the evening stars look down and glint knowingly with love.

“Slow down, slow down, slow down!,” the King cautioned Pocahontas, his free-spirited, but Daddy’s-Little-Girl daughter, who was up the next day’s blue dawn howling for the 10,000th time her rendition of The-Wolf-Song-Heroine-Story-Hallowed-of-All-Howled-Myths to her cornhusk and hemp doll and making the 10,000th circle around him. Centuries later the song circled into the radar imagination of Disney animators conjuring and drawing her ancient tale, and one may say the Pocahontas has definitely persisted despite controversy. The root story of Pocahontas has her marrying a boy from the “other side,” a European settler, and then arcs to engravings of her in swanky ruffs as the invited guest presented at the European courts of nobility. However disputed her portrayals, her legacy as a peacemaker dedicated to family and community, an intermediary between Earth and her settlers, and a Master/Mistress Re-Inventor of Self, makes her very much a Goddess and very American as well!

Across the land the legend of this princess dances and waves in the wind from Morning Glory smiles and eager green, glowy wildflower sprouts re-leafing and relieving winter, dawn-rising in the East to the clear, strange scent of Nicotiana tobacco flowers bowing out at midday, and to the tallest, sun-guardian redwoods of the Western dusk. This princess ran through American history as a suffragette; she was a solid-gold Soul Train dancer, and she is a pussy-hatted patriot-ess. Her real name, Matoaka or Flower Between Two Streams, reflects her “connecting” essence, seen here as a Mountain Camellia flower at her heart between two woodland streams. Her Christian name, Rebecca, may be a symbolic gesture to Rebecca of the book of Genesis, who also was the mother of two nations or distinct peoples. She is a “re-beckoning” as Pocahontas is first gate of The 9-Star Passport, the spring season of rebirth, the east direction, the element of wood, and the fresh verdant world of plants. Later in life she was called Rebecca Filia Potentiss, perhaps as in Sister of Potential, having great power, influence, or effect. Just as time spent in nature arises an instinctual devotion to our earthy roots, the same instinctual body-to-earth re-birth truth is found at our first chakra, geographically located at a point between our sit bones.

HER ANCIENT FUTURE SIREN SONG FOR YOU. Feeling un-rooted, anxious, a stranger in a strange land, ungrounded and unknown? Evoke Pocahontas! Her legacy is for us to remember our own foundational experiences running free as a child in touch with the earth. All of us are multi-cultural emissaries between any two streams of humanity or simply choosing our own faith over the fear of others or those of society. The 9-Star Passport’s first chakra is our ROOTS, our basic security; it is our ability to spin out our own precious spider webs of connection, influence, and legacy to invent and own/share new creative cultures from there like Pocahontas. Welcome to Your New/Old Dream. Earth Goddesses may inspire you to make a dream catcher; a shield; a medicine wheel or a potted herb plant to heal and place in Star Gate 1, the Root of your home. Ask your inner girly-girl or tomboy child, Hey, kiddo, what do you feel, desire, or need?

HEAR HER, SENSE HER, HEAL YOU. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Good Morning,” crow cawing, sultry Honeysuckle teasing, frogs twanging. Go outside. Touch the earth, dance with a butterfly, burst a wild berry in your mouth, kiss a tree! Listen to wise great-grandparents! Evoke power with Bloodstone, Smoky Quartz, or rub a Zuni animal fetish stone smooth with prayer. Pamper yourself, hide inyour man-cave or gal-wigwam, eat a heap of mashed potatoes, or get with your clan in a sweat lodge. Crochet or knit that thing … make what your Grandmother Spider gave you. Hike trails west to Arizona, or New Mexico. Dance Wild in Black Rock Desert. Stand with the Original People of America in every honoring way, a bridge to peace with our collective wilderness within. This sacred grounding medicine dances with Mother Earth, Father Sky and you as her protector, listening, and healing.

HER MANTRA TO TRY ON FOR SIZE + FIT. Ah! hello, my soul roots. Plant me. Root me. Bare feet toes squishing warm, muddy earth, wading in a babbling brook, I hear my family. This is my family and community. All My Relations. How I love you. Om Mitakuye Oyasin. What a lover of this very moment between worlds I am. Stamp me as Streaming Sun. Beaming Smile. 10,000 times again and again.

Find the book and perfume of Immortal Beloved: The World’s First Goddess Perfume and Coloring Book, here.


Tricolored Heron Taking Off

A Tricolored Heron Taking Off


Sweet Dolphins.


Arrivals and Departures.


A Bobcat Hello.


An Immigrant on the Beach of Turtle Island.

Oh. Hi! Yes, and my July 4th name change.  Here’s the story.
I was so inspired by my kayak instructor that day back in 2000.  Her name was K.C.  She lived in her Winnebago loaded with kayaks and traveled coast to coast as a kayak coach.  Her free-spirit and strong goddess lifestyle encouraged me to think of myself like her, perhaps become J.D. for my initials.  J.D. turned into Jade rather quickly and thus my name change, reflective of a major life change.  We live in a free country where being free to express oneself in creative, positive and sharing ways is who we are.  Those freedoms are precious, all of humanity knows it, and we only have more to discover in being FREE.

That’s why I am a patriotess for this country and the freedoms she represents.  That’s why I wrote about Pocahontas and her legend.  That’s why I’ve illustrated and written about 12 global goddesses as inspiration for our best identities.

Stay tuned for the release of my book on Amazon and on our shop, The Jade Dress Shop, by clicking here.  Get on board our mailing list by clicking here.

Earth to immigrants, aliens, boat people, creatures in shells, shallows and all those seeking freedom, peace, and opportunity.  Hi!  We all live here!  You are Welcome.

Kiawah-Island-3 (1)


Thanks Google and Kiawah Island Real Estate Newsroom for images!

























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